What is video restoration?

Depending on the kind of equipment used, video restoration can be as complicated as repairing a program frame-by-frame with a system like "DaVinci" or just redoing the video or audio portions: dubbing on a better source or cleaning up audio tracks.

Presently at 8thman.com we are invovled in a relativity simple but important restoration project that will make a big impact in the collectors community. Not seen in English-dubbed format since they were televised, these episodes will be restored by editing hi-quality video to audio soundtracks recorded from TV in the late 1960's.

We call this groundbreaking effort "the Z Project"

(because it sounds cool)

Seven never before seen episodes of 8th Man:

The Cruel Clown
The Elevator Trap
The Black Fog Bank Mob
The Shadow Bandits
The Artifical Life: Valcoun
The Attack of Tarantula
The Savage Fish

Plus these two episodes newly dubbed and restored:

Countdown To Zero
Misguided Machines *some audio is missing*

Eventually the Z Project will extended to include other Vintage animes such as "Prince Planet" and the elusive Tezuka production "Amazing Three" all in their English-dubbed glory!
Stay tuned to 8thman.com!!

16mm FILM!