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Here on this page I intend to give "English-bound" fans a greater insight into the Japanese Manga (Comics) issued in the early 1960's. Plus, as always a heaping helping of great graphics and images from the masterful pen of Jiro Kuwata!

Images modified and colorized by 8thman.com

Most Japanese animation characters start out life in “mangas”, or comics before they come to life on the screen. If a manga series turns out to be successful on the market then it may be a candidate for it’s own animated or “anime” series.

Such was the case for “8Man” and although some of the earliest episodes have been criticized as being of a crude drawing quality, the series as a whole in my opinion managed to stick very close, to the style of “8Man” creator and artist, Jiro Kuwata, which is as it should be.

A study of the anime series of the 1960s and beyond reveals that this is the standard pattern, that the anime closely follows the manga in characterization and artwork/graphics and the 8Man TV series did an excellent job in emulating the style and feel of the work of Kuwata.

The 8Man mangas appear in many different forms, the very first appearance was in serialized form in a Japanese magazine. Soon though the stories were published separately in their own books. They were published from several companies, and according to my friend in Japan, the final episode can only be read on the one that was published from "LIMU Publishing".


Artist Jiro Kuwata was arrested before he finished the last part of the final saga (he had a real gun, in Japan, ownership of firearms without permission is illegal). That was the "certain private reason" that they had to end both Manga and Anime, Kuwata was in jail. So the last 20 pages were drawn by his staff but Hirata didn't like their work. And for a long time Hirata never allowed any publisher to publish the final saga.

After more that 20 years, LIMU Publishing kept asking Kuwata to draw the last part by himself again. And he finally did! So Hirata gave the permission to LIMU to publish the final episode.

That's 1992. 26 years after its first appearance!

Final Saga: "Majin KOZMA"

Azuma looks up to the window of his office from the outside of the building and says, "I'm a dead spirit trapped in a steel-casket...sayounara, Sachiko."
And it ended so sadly.....

The mysterious "Kozma" who..or what is he? A shadowy figure from Dr. Tani's past with the uncanny power. Here in English for possibly the first time...
Now you can and find out!


One night somewhere in Tokyo, the CIA chased Professor Kozma because he ran away from the U.S. Secret-Military Laboratory. He blew away some agents with a grenade but he himself wasn't hurt at all! One of the CIA agents survived the blast and was taken away to the hospital.

On the next day 8Man starts to investigate this case. Surveying the burnt wreckage of what used to be Kozma's automobile, Azuma discovers something important, "See this car seat Chief? It's not burnt... like it was covered with an iron mannequin on it." He and Chief Tanaka meet the surviving CIA agent but he refuses to give any information. With a staged car accident, the CIA sneaks the survivor out of the police-hospital. The investigation is at a standstill with no clues.

8Man feels something big is going on. Going again as Detective Azuma to the scene of the explosion he uses his ultraviolet eyebeams and finds a burnt footprint at the place where the battle took place last night, the CIA were still in the area searching for any clue of Kozma. Following the heat-trail the footprint leads him under a nearby manhole. Azuma is not aware that the CIA agents were watching and also followed him down the manhole.

Once underground, Azuma changes into the form of 8Man and continues the search for clues. The CIA then tries to capture 8Man (it seems that they didn't know who 8Man was) and then take a shot at him with an acid-thrower. Suddenly, a strange voice says, from nowhere " These men are the agents of CIA. They are looking for me, 8Man!” Then Kozma appears and tells them that he came to Japan to find Dr. Tani. When the CIA agents attack, Kozma kills the agents by throwing fire from his mouth!

Disturbed at the failure of two failed attempts to apprehend Kozma, Colonel Ten, the commander of the CIA-Japan Branch called in new reinforcements for the case, Cyborg-men # 27, # 28, # 29.

Dr. Tani, of course knew Professor Kozma. At his laboratory he and 8man are discussing the recent events, "Yes" Tani said, "Kozma and I used to work together at U.S.S.M.L and he was a brilliant scientist, but he was never a monster". "What could be going on"?

And then, the Tokyo Tower started to slant! What happened? Kozma must have done this.
But how?


Aware of the danger to the city, speedily 8Man arrives at the Tokyo tower.
"What happened, Chief Tanaka?"
The Chief is beside himself in awe, “This is fantastic, just unbelievable 8Man!
One of the legs of the Tokyo Tower has changed into gold!
Gold, of course is much softer than steel, so the tower slanted. But how could this have happened”?

Then, suddenly Kozma appears! He reaches out and touches the now golden leg of the Tokyo tower
and suddenly the leg reverts back into steel!
Despite, the seemingly benevolent act of restoring the Tower to normal, 8th man begins to fight
against Kozma, but with Kozma's one touch, 8Man's arm begins to change into gold!
Meanwhile watching from the shadows, Cyborg Men 27, 28, & 29 of the CIA suddenly attack and try
to capture Kozma, but he easily evades them.
Before he vanishes though he says,"8Man! Tell Prof.Tani that Kozma wants to see him"

Later, at his laboratory, Prof. Tani decides to meet Kozma but 8Man is concerned that he's not
sure he could protect Prof. Tani should Kozma decide to attack.
8Man tells him frankly, "Your friend Prof. Kozma is not a human being anymore. He is some kind of monster!"

So the meeting is arranged, near Tokyo Bay at a petroleum refinery. Proffesor Tani waits for Kozma
without knowing that he was followed by the CIA Cyborg-Men.
Soon, Kozma arrives to speak with Prof Tani. He informs him of his recent experiments
in Nuclear Alchemy: the conversion of matter.
Yes, he has reaped astounding success!
But during his research Kozma outsmarted the CIA and rather than produce a device that
would convert matter he made his own body into a living "atomic matter converter"
enabling him to have the ability to alter the atomic structure of not only his own form but also the matter around him.
“ This is why CIA is trying to hunt me down, Tani. To discover my secret of matter conversion and make it theirs”.

Kozmas declares, "You and I, Prof Tani are very much alike.
“We both escaped from the USSMI to keep our life’s work from falling into the hands of others who don’t deserve it!
We alone should possess and control the products of our genius and no one else.

I can convert any elements I wish, Tani. Even gold!
Join me, Tani and with our combined strength, we can take our rightful places as the rulers of this entire world!"

Appalled at such a thought Tani flatly refuses.
"I escaped from USSMI to stop my invention from being used as a killing machine, Prof. Kozma.
What you propose is utterly selfish and against every principle I believe in.
Why, you even gave up your own humanity in your mad quest for power!
I will never join you Prof. Kozma. Never!

Kozma tries to use torture to force Tani comply to his proposal
but all the while it was not Tani he was speaking with at all.
It was 8Man using his plastic skin to disguise himself as Tani!
Thus, catching Kozma off guard, he attacks with sudden fury and downs Kozma with
a powerful burst from his electric disintegrators.
But now Cyborg Men 27, 28, & 29 make their move and a carefully aimed shot renders 8Man’s power booster inoperative!

Then they declare, "8Man! We were created at the same laboratory as you were.
Of course we know the exact location of your power booster!
You’re helpless. Now, you will tell us where Prof.Tani is. Or we will rip you to pieces!"
Then the Cyborg-men start to fire at 8Man with their machine-gun!
But meanwhile Kozma revives from the shock and uses his powers to cause the
nearby gas-tanks to explode igniting the refinery into a raging inferno!

And the roaring flames consumed the whole area… no traces of the Cyborg-men or 8Man were to be found!!


In a specially-equipped boat not far offshore from where the petrol-tank exploded the night before, Professor Tani desperately searches for his greatest robot creation, the 8Man.
Nervously, he guides the craft through the water thinking to himself, "I pray you're still alive, 8Man..."
Using a cleverly designed robot arm, Professor Tani scoured the deep ocean floor but with little success…ironically, the only thing he had salvaged had been the body of Cyborg-man #28.

Inspecting the damaged machine, Tani speaks softly, "This cyborg is still actually functional!
So, that means there's still a chance of saving 8Man. However, if I don't take this cyborg-man to my lab immediately for repairs, it will be too late to revive it. But how can I leave 8Man behind..."

He decides to continue to search for 8Man awhile longer. But if there is no sign of 8Man very soon, he'll have to head to shore to save the Cyborg-man.

Meanwhile, deep under the sea, unable to move, 8Man has sustained serious damage to his Miniature Atomic Reactor.
"I can't move. My nuclear-reactor won't last long...
If I am not found and repaired very soon, the whole Tokyo-bay will become a dead sea, irreversibly contaminated from the escaping nuclear radiation".

Suddenly, 8Man sees Tani's robot-arm searching for him. Huh?? What's that?" "It must be Prof.Tani! But how can I let him know I'm here?"

While on the surface, Tani has become discouraged from the fruitless search. "I must quit searching you for now, forgive me 8Man. I'll be back right after I repair the cyborg-man."
But no sooner than Tani had started to head towards the shore, thousands of fish in the bay stated to create a giant whirlpool near his boat.

"This is astounding" he thinks aloud, almost shouting. "What could be causing this?"
Yes, deep under the ocean's surface at the center of the whirlpool, the amazing robot, 8Man was sending a supersonic-wave to call the fish together.

Like a blinded man who now perceives the light, Professor Tani does shout aloud!
"Of course! This must be a sign from 8Man! He must be somewhere under this whirlpool!"

Back in Tani's lab, 8Man revives to find he is not alone…the fully repaired cyborg-man #28 is nearby. While fixing his gaze on his robotic nemesis, he speaks a word of gratitude to the man who created his present form. "Thank you Prof. Tani"

Although the aged scientist busied himself with some equipment, he somehow knew what his creation was thinking. "I found him while I was searching for you, 8 Man."

8Man was fully conscious now but his internal diagnostics were sending warnings to his electronic brain, something wasn’t right, a malfunction…but he wasn’t able to concentrate on the problem for more than an instant…

Suddenly, and without warning #28 came to life, posturing himself for attack! Rather than words of kindness for the one who rescued him, his robotic voice was harsh and mocking.

#28 raised a powerful metallic arm and threateningly and pointed a cold finger at the scientist. "Hello, Professor Tani…you were a fool to save me!"

8Man was enraged by such a threat to the good Professor. "No! You're returning evil for good!" he shouted.

Cold, merciless eyes shifted briefly toward him. Equally cold words were uttered.
"Heh, I'm a professional that has been given my orders, 8Man. So, don’t get in my way."

Instinctively, the 8man tries to move into position to defend his friend, but although the will is there, the needed energy is not. Now he understands the warning signals still relaying through his circuits, 8Man realizes that his body can't travel at ultra-speed!

He doesn’t understand why, but he also does not delay. Myriad calculations, and probabilities all flash through his superior electronic brain in a way that make our mortal thought processes appear to take ages to perform. Seemingly instantly, 8Man takes action and as the last word leaves #28 mouth he fires a crippling, but non-lethal blast of his electric-disintegrators at Cyborg Man #28. The defeated automaton falls in a motionless heap on the laboratory floor.

Though victorious, 8Man turns to his friend with a sharp tone of desperation in his voice, he knows that the outcome could have easily been against them.

"What has happened to me, Professor? You know I am not at full power."

The scientist looked to his creation and spoke frankly, "Your accelerated motivation unit was damaged in the explosion, 8Man. And I am afraid I can't obtain the spare parts for it here in Japan."

"What!" he exclaimed, "My abilities are severely impaired without that unit."

"But don't worry, I have a plan to get a replacement unit from our "friends" at the CIA."

"From the CIA?" …"Professor Tani, just what do you have in mind?" While 8Man could think faster than any human, he was still limited to the mean intelligence of his former human self. And he could not read minds.

No answer was given. A soft smile crossed his face and silently, the good Professor Tani turned around and resumed with his work as if nothing had happened.

Chapter 4

The next day at the Azma Detective Agency office, Sachiko welcomed her boss who is not entirely responsive…"Oh, Mr.Azma, we have been worried about you, where have you been?"…and again…"What's the matter with you Mr.Azma?"

Speechless, Azma looks distantly out towards the open window his thoughts far away.

"It looks like we oughta leave him alone, Sachiko", says Ichiro as he motions her reluctantly toward the door. "Let's go and get some lunch." Sachiko retorts though halfheartedly, "Oh, Ichiro do you ever think about anything besides food?" "You know I really…" She stops chiding him as she hears Mr. Azma, thinking aloud…"It's impossible to get my motivation unit repaired…

Sachiko and Ichiro look at one another with puzzelled expressions…"Huh?"

"Oh, nothing… I am going out for a walk, you two watch the office"
Azma speeds by them without another word.

But upon leaving the building Azma discovers that Kozma is there in his the car.
He is not alone.

Thinking he can apprehend him Azma runs out to capture Kozma, but in his crippled condition he is simply hit by Kozma's car as he speedily departs and disappears around the corner.

Stunned, Detective Azma doubts what he just saw with his own two eyes!
"I can't believe he's alive! How could he have survived that explosion? What kind of monster is he?"

Meanwhile in the very same car, Kozma speaks to his wife, Nora.
"Well Nora, looks like 8 man was seriously damaged in that explosion."

She turns to him with a sly grin. "So, he's not as powerful as you are, darling."

"Ha, ha, ha" Kozma laughs, "Of course not, I'm the strongest super-human in the universe."

The Scene: The CIA Japanese-Branch

Colonel Ten had not seen his three cyborgs for several days and was worried about it.
"They must have been destroyed by Kozma." he muttered to himself.

Suddenly, the window he stood facing became a spray of broken fragments and Colonel Ten found himself sharing his office with Cyborg No. 28.
Shocked he managed to sputter, "You…you are alive, soldier! Then, regaining his authoritative demeanor, "And just who do you think you are busting in here like this?"

The mechanical eyes did not blink and No. 28 kept his silence.

Colonel Ten wasn't very happy…he continued, "Well, anyway give me your report at once!"

It took a second for the Colonel to realize this wasn't the same super-robot that had left the base on mission a few days ago. Something was terribly wrong, but he had to be careful.

Haltingly he commanded, "What's the matter with you No. 28?"

Finally, a voice came from the robot. It lacked the respect that that been originally programmed into the robot soldier… "Hey, Colonel Ten!"

Although he knew this malfunctioning machine could easily kill him, it's casual demeanor was simply more than the officer could handle at the moment. The whole mission to capture Prof. Komza and his fantastic power was near ruin and his reputation as well. "Hey?? What you mean HEY!"

"I want you to do me a little favor, Colonel Ten." said the robot.

Colonel Ten replied angrily, "I don't like the sound of this, No. 28". "Just what on earth are you talking about?"

"No. 28?... Oh no, Colonel Ten". "This is Tani speaking." I have re-programmed your Cyborg-man so I could control him as a messenger.

"So, you mean I'm listening your voice through No. 28, is that right Tani?"

"All correct, Colonel Ten."

"What happened to the others?"

"They were all destroyed by Kozma. They couldn't even get close to him.
Colonel, 8Man might have stopped Kozma…but your men stood in his way". And even he was seriously damaged in the fighting. Kozma is more dangerous than you think.
But why did you attack 8 Man when he was trying to help?"

Colonel Ten became incensed at the question, "Because you scientists are nothing but rebels, that's why! You, you betrayed the States, and so did Kozma!"

Tani replied calmly, "No, Colonel. I'm not like Kozma. But anyway, listen to me for a moment. Like I said you can do me a favor and I will help you in return. If you get me a new accelerator from the Secret Military-Lab then I promise to send 8Man to stop Kozma.

Colonel Ten wavered, thinking to himself.
**Hmm…wait a minute…if 8Man doesn't have high-speed mobility anymore it will be easy for us to capture him! And who knows, I could even get a promotion for getting him and Tani back to the lab!**

"Ok, Tani, I'll get the accelerator for you on one condition."

"What do you want?"

"Let 8Man come in person to my office to get the accelerator."

"Ok, deal. 8Man will be there on the day after tomorrow at 22:00"

Then Cyborg No. 28 fell silent, it remained motionless like a dead thing.

Prof. Tani turned from the control panel where he had been remotely operating Cyborg-Man 28.

"No, Professor! It must be a trap." 8Man pleads.

"Yes, 8Man, I know that. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. We have to do what we must".

Behind Tani are some of the salvaged parts of cyborg-man #27 and #29. There is much work to do, but he has a reassuring word for his friend.

"Don't worry my son. You'll see how I'll outwit the Colonel."


Two days later, at the CIA-Japan branch office Cyborg-man 28 is still standing motionless.

Colonel Ten has been sharing his office with his static partner for 48 hrs. and still hasn't become used to it's eerie presence.

Walking into his office he chomps on a cigar. Looking scornfully at it he mocks, "It's just amazing that you cyborgs don’t need to move at all for such a long time. Humph. Millions of taxpayers dollars down the drain. Thanks to those two rebels Kozma and Tani you're nothing but a worthless dummy."

Then suddenly, "Hey Colonel Ten." says No. 28.

"Waaa?…Don't surprise me like that Tani! "

"Did you get the accelerator for me, Colonel?"

"Of course. You can trust me Tani."

"Then show it to me through the eyes of the Cyborg-man."

"Fine, but before I show it to you, I wanna tie it up so that he won't just grab the accelerator and run to your hideout!"

Colonel Ten then orders his men to tie Cyborg No. 28 to a nearby chair.

"Very well now, show me the accelerator."

Colonel Ten produces a small device from his jacket pocket and holds it up before the robot's gleaming video-camera eyes.

8 Man looks at the video monitor and carefully examining it and says to Tani. "Professor, that's it. That's a real accelerator."

Prof. Tani gives his approval. "Ok Colonel, I'll take the 8 Man with me and come to your office"

Later at the CIA office Tani and 8Man arrive.

Colonel Ten gives them a not-so-warm welcome as they enter his office. Puffing on his cigar and sneering he says, "So this is the great super-robot 8Man. Now you're just worthless metal shell, huh?"

"Colonel Ten, I think you know that Kozma is still on the loose. We have no time for chatting. Give me the accelerator immediately."

Then suddenly, a small army of soldiers with machine-guns rush inside the office and surround the two.

8Man, who feared the worst exclaimed, "I knew this would happen."

Grinning widely, the triumphant Colonel Ten boasted, "It's useless to resist us with your tin-toy that’s all wound down Professor. I know 8Man is as good as helpless without an accelerator. So surrender immediately."

Tani slightly gestures toward his robot. "You're under-estimating my 8Man, Colonel."

8Man pulls off his remote-controlled-arm and smashes the soldiers before they know what hit them.

Colonel Ten is too stunned to speak, "Wha…what?"

"See? All too easy, Colonel. Now, give me the accelerator. Or do you want to fight my robot personally?"

That choice was certainly unsavory to the sly Colonel, but he had not played his final card…yet. "Ummmm…alright. Looks like I have no choice…It's in the safe in the next room."

By Tani's order, 8Man enters the room and walks toward to the safe. But before he can even reach it the floor splits in two and 8Man falls down, down into the darkness. It was a trap!

Before Prof.Tani could do anything, the trap door has again shut.

Quite relaxed Colonel Ten walks around to his desk, is seated and draws a pistol training it on Tani. "Don't try anything stupid Professor. The show is just about to begin."

Below them the robot had just fallen to the basement floor. It wasn't long though before the nature of the trap was clear. The small room had no exits and the only openings were high above him near the ceiling. In each of the four openings in each wall of the room was mounted a high caliber machine-gun loaded with armor piercing ammunition. Each deadly gun was aimed directly towards him. There was no escape.

In celebration, Colonel Ten lit another cigar and took and satisfying draw on it.

"Now, Tani you just listen to what's gonna happen to that poor robot of yours!"

Under the floor, the gun-fire was deafening even in the room above. It sounded like a battle was going on underneath them. The hapless robot caught in the crossfire had no place to hide, no place to run…bullets ripped through its tough metal flesh rending sensitive parts and electronics inside to pieces.

After some useless struggle the metal form fell to floor, but the relentless firestorm did not cease. The bullet-riddled bodies' only movement was now caused by the continuing fire. Not until each magazine was emptied did the onslaught cease. The room was filled with smoke and the stench of powder. The mutilated form on the floor would not move again.


"Finally! It's the end of 8Man. I've done it!"

Colonel Ten laughs standing beside the dead body of 8Man in the basement. He gives the motionless body a swift kick, reassuring himself.

Up in Colonel's office, Tani smiles. "The Colonel must be pleased to see 8 Man's finish but that won't last long."

Tani tries to open the safe to take the booster. "I can't open this. But wait, that Cyborg-man must have seen the Colonel lock this safe and his computer-brain must contain the combination to open this."

Tani walks through the opened door where Cyborg-man is tied to the seat which is right next to colonel's office. He grabs the wire that ties up the cyborg and releases him. "Now go and open that safe Cyborg-man 28"

Meanwhile in the basement below
"Oops, I was so happy I forgot all about poor Professor Tani. He must be crying his eyes out… heh, heh." Colonel Ten comes back to his office and sees Tani standing there with the booster in his hand.

"Thank you for the booster Colonel."

"I don't know how you opened that safe, but you won't leave here with that unit Tani. It’s Government property. Besides, that booster will do you no good without 8 Man anyway you fool. Now, give it to me!”

Tani looks at the device in his hand and then at the Colonel, “Really? Are you absolutely sure about that?”

Don’t play games with me Tani, hand over that booster and make it snappy.

Tani held the booster out at arm’s length, tauntingly.
“If you want it so bad, Colonel, why don’t you come and take it from me?”

“You stubborn old goat! Don’t you know when you’ve been licked? If that’s the way you want it, I’ll enjoy taking it from you!

It had been a long day and Ten had about lost what little patience he possessed. Recklessly, he charged toward the older man intent on teaching him a lesson. However, before he could get his hands on him the old Professor gave him a backhand that sent him across the floor. Ten’s pride was hurt more than anything but he wasn’t about to give up.

Thinking that Tani had used karate or some judo trick, he bellowed. “Those Japanese self-defense moves aren’t going to help you old man!” Colonel Ten then pulled a pistol from his jacket to back up his statement. “Now give me that accelerator and give it to me now!”

Once again Tani looked at the unit and then at the increasingly red-faced officer who now held a weapon against him. Calmly he said, “Is this what you want Colonel? Are you sure? Then here, catch!”

Tani flicked the unit at the Colonel with such accuracy and speed that it hit his gun hand and ricochets right back to him like a boomerang! A cry of pain came from the surprised officer, “Oww! How can you do that? Wha …”

"Looks like you still don't understand, do you Colonel Ten?"

Before the Colonel's unbelieving eyes the man he thought was his helpless prisoner undergoes a near-instant transformation, accomplished using a special plastic skin. Now, it is the powerful 8Man that stands before him!

A moment ago victory and a promotion were in his grasp. Now what seemed sure reality had become a nightmare. The Professor had tricked him and he had failed. And his superiors at the CIA would not be happy. It was more than he could take as he denied what his very senses were telling him that moment… Totally confused now the Colonel screams in disbelief…

NO! "You…you must be dead! I just saw you blasted to pieces in the basement 8Man!"

8Man explains, "Sorry to disappoint you Colonel Ten. The robot you just destroyed was built by Prof. Tani by using the salvaged parts of Cyborg-man No. 29 and 30." Professor Tani equiped me with something I suppose your Cyborgs don’t possess…a special plastic skin that allows me to assume the appearance of anyone I wish.

And now to complete my mission here, I will become you.

Without another word the fantastic 8Man changes to Ten, takes his uniform and ties him up securely. He will walk right out of building with no questions asked. "I'm sorry I had to tie you up Colonel. But trust me, 8Man will destroy Kozma, our common foe. You see he's not just our enemy, but he's a threat to all mankind."

Colonel Ten is left sitting on the floor in disgrace with nothing but his skivvies. How will he ever explain this to his commander?

Later at Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Chief Tanaka is overjoyed to see his friend even if the day’s paperwork is now floating out the window or on the floor.

"8Man, thank goodness! You're fixed!"

"No need to worry about me anymore, Chief Tanaka.

So, fill me in on what's new with Kozma." Tanaka shows a paper from the ICPO, which says that Big Vick Gorgan the biggest Mafia-Boss in the states is in Tokyo to meet someone.

"No doubt, he's meeting Kozma." says 8Man.

Tanaka looks at him quizzically. "What makes you think so, 8Man?"

"Kozma is a living matter-conversion-reactor and he can produce limitless amount of precious metals for sale on the black market. He would surely want a huge network to sell his gold and silver to and Gorgan's organization is perfec. Chief, I'll keep my eye on Vick Gorgan."

Inside the penthouse at the Hotel Ohtani

Vick Gorgan is upset. Not only because of Kozma but to top it all off room-service is late. He paces the floor restlessly, grumbling under his breath. "Two hours late...Just who does that guy think he is anyway? Nobody stands up Big Vick..nobody!...and where is my dinner?" "Lousy hotel..."

Azma, who's disguised himself as a waiter comes in with Gorgan's dinner. "Excuse me sir, room service."

Gorgan sits at the table starts to eat...a frown crosses his already angry face. "It's cold! The soup is cold...you moron, eat this!" He throws the soup dish at Azma who dodges it with ease. Gorgan's men become tense, and start to move toward the waiter.

But the waiter, sensing danger moves quickly behind their boss and takes Gorgan's back. "All right boys. If you try to shoot me you'll hit your boss."

Impressed by the waiter's agility and also wishing to get out from between him and the gun barells leveled in his direction, Gorgan thinks and speaks quickly.

"Don't shoot you fools! Say, lissen fella you got guts and I like that...I can use a man like you, quit working at this dump why don'tcha and join up with me. You can make a load of cas..."

Interrupted by a knock on the door, Big Vick stops in mid-sentence. "See who that is you guys. An attractive woman enters the room. "Who are you woman?" "I'm Nora Kozma." "So you are Kozma's wife. Why won't he come by himself?"

Nora answers that Kozma needs to hide himself right now, and she's here to make the deal with Gorgan. She explains that Kozma's ability of matter conversion is perfect and wants to make 3 terms on contract.

Protect Kozma from CIA, Use Gorgan's network to sell the gold that Kozma makes, "And the last one is..." Nora takes her gun and shoots at Azma. "Kill this man immediately" Quickly, Azma speeds past Gorgan's men and out the window. Big Vick is practically speechless..."What in the...?"

"You had our greatest enemy right here in the room with you! He's a private detective, Azma Hachirou. But much more...that was 8Man the super-robot."

"Wow! No wonder he was so strong."

"You just leave that robot to us, we will take care of him. Now what is your plan to get my husband and I out of Japan?" Gorgan lit a large cigar and took a deep satisfising draw. "Our organization will ready a submarine for that. Be at the Shimizu seashore at 10 p.m. tomorrow."

On top of the roof, 8Man listens to them. "So that's the plan. Using Gorgan's network and get money to conquer the world."

8Man runs after Nora's car but is tricked and loses her. He decides to go and make a report to Chief Tanaka and head in that direction.

Meanwhile at Azma's office Nora knocks at the door. "Come in" Sachiko answers. "What can we do for you?" "Nothing special, I just want you to kill Detective Azma."

To be continued!

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