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Email scans of your Anime fan-art and I will post it here...I may even draw a few pictures myself!
For now, enjoy the work of Hector Montalvo our first contributor!

Oh look! I did draw a picture, pardon my shadow...now I think I should have got that printer with the scanner. oh well!

Animation Cels

I'm not a avid collector of cels, I have a couple because I wanted to see a cel up close and study their construction, and besides I like the cute Tenchi character, Sasami

In this picture you are looking at the reverse side of the cel. It is basically a painting on clear plastic and as you can see its painted on the back in layers.

Now you see the front of the same cel with a background I "faked" using a Tenchi Muyo LD cover. Although you cant see it very well in this picture, the black outlines are surprisingly "rough" and not at all as soild as you might expect them to be...but when you are showing these cels on videotape these deficiencies are non-noticiable.

This may take a while to load but the gif allows you to see the painted cel and matching cel drawing switch back and forth! Be patitent you dial-up Users
Hit your F11 key so you get the big picture!! This is cool!

Poor Sasami doesnt look too jazzed, and Ryo-oh-kyi looks plumb tuckered out! Wonder which ep this was from??

I am not any sort of expert on cels but it seems to me the different colors in the sketch are a "key" to guide paint personel so they paint different elements in the right order as they build-up the cel.

I made these graphics as part of my ex-ebay "ME" page - 8thman.com is always on the move, forever changing - just keep coming back for more!