Prince Planet was a highly imaginative outer-space based series that captured the hearts of many all over the World back in the mid 1960's. Televised in glorious B/W it chronicals the adventures of a young alien sent to the planet Earth to check us out and see if we are worthy of admittance into the Galactic Union of Worlds, which appeared to be based on his home planet, called Radion.

As the series continues we see that apparently not all advanced worlds belong to this Union because PP finds himself in conflicts with different alien beings not only who travel to Earth in conquest but also on other worlds, such as Hydra, Beta, and Kragmire where Krag, Zerona, and Fridgeena are from - major enemies of PP and the forces of good.

Prince Planet was not alone however as he had allies from Earth to fight by his side namely, Diana Worthy whom he met on his arrival on Earth and gave him the name "Bobby", Dan Dynamo a washed-up wrestler and strongest man in the world type, and Aja Baba, an middle-easterner who flys around on a proverbial "Flying Carpet" but this one has an engine in it!!

This foursome is present on practically all 52 episodes, but sometimes Diana is left out in the cold early on because the situation is "too dangerous" for a girl. Later on in the series she proves herself to be quite a valuable part of the team in eps such as "Rico the Detective".

Each episode is unique and the subject matter covered while usually in the "Sci-Fi" genre is always interesting. Certain themes and behaviors are estabished early on and continue throughout the series such as the interplay seen in the insult trade-offs/disputes between Aja Baba and Dynamo who at heart are really great friends, and the fatherly and protective attitude that PP displays toward Diana. There is no hint of a boy-meets-girl love-interest between these two at all - if there is any it is hidden in original Japanese. In return Diana idolizes PP/Bobby and constantly looks to him with awe and respect.

The Major baddies in PP are Warlock the Martian Magican, and Krag the Merciless and they provide most of the trouble throughout the series, but there are also many monsters, other aliens, renegade robots and tough gangsters that chip in to make things difficult for PP and his friends.

All in all this makes for great fun and a very exciting series

Usei Shonen Popi (Planet Boy Popi)

52 Episodes Televised in Japan 1965-66
TBS movie corporation effect: The Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc.
Planned by: TBS movie section
Production: Tele-Cartoon Japan (TCJ)

English version: Produced by James Nicholson and Samuel Z. Arkoff
American International Television Productions

Scriptwriter: Reuben Guberman
Director: Mark Harris

Voice Talent

Bobbie Byers (Prince Planet, Zerina)
Mark Harris (Dan Dynamo)
Kurt Nagel (Ajababa)
Arnie Warren (Warlock )
Frank Schuller (Krag, Radion "Chief")
Sandy Warshaw (Diana Worthy)
Jeff Gillen (Pop Worthy)
Rebuen Guberman (most major bad guys: Hardpate, Gunrock, etc)
Jerry Berke (various)

Episode Titles (from film print leaders)

1. A Boy From Outer Space
2. Giant on the Matters
3. The Formidable Rival
4. The Arabian Magician
5. The Flying Jelly Fish
6. Dinosaur Men
7. A Big Showdown
8. Robot Island
9. The Overgrown Lizard
10. Shaberia
11. Fancy Machine
12. S.O.S. Global
13. Gold Picker
14. Attack of the Radioactive Ants
15. The Great Space War
16. The Star in Memory
17. The Space Zoo
18. The Stolen Mount Fuji
19. Pirate Satan
20. Planet Of Terror
21. Robot
22. Good-Bye Saturnian
23. The Earth Zero Hour
24. The Ghost Space Ship
25. Battle on a Desert Island
26. Secret Under the Sea
27. The Rocket Pilot
28. Gaist the Devilfish
29. The Gift From Prince Planet
30. Gollen, the Formidable Foe
31. The Pollen Bomb
32. Operation Rico
33. Rico, the Great Detective
34. The Spy From Necro
35. The Demon Scientist
36. The Young Spies
37. Pollo, the Secret Agent
38. The Magic Glove
39. The Robot Prince
40. Rico's Adventure
41. The Lion in the Desert
42. Crisis on the Earth
43. The Horror of a Snowman
44. Revenge in the Valley
45. The Comet Missile
46. The Mystery of a Mummy
47. The Mystery of Organ
48. Horror at 10:10 PM
49. The Birdman Racket
50. Secret Path into the Earth
51. Ajababa's Grandchildren
52. The Star at Home