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This is the chronology page of the Tech 1 / 8th Man Website, basically a log of what has been added and when, but may also contain some unimportant ramblings of mine from time to time.

Oct 24, 2002
Yes, its been a long while since the last entry but thats because I have been so busy updating the site. So Whats New? Well, vistors to arrive first at the new image map that serves as the portal to the entire site, Netscape users have to use a different route but I hope that can be fixed in the future. The site has four main pages that branch off namely HISTORY/IMAGE/DETAIL/MEDIA
New Pages: VOICE TALENT in two parts with images and sound. MANGA has its own pages separate from DVD page. Episode GUIDE is divided into two parts to shorten load time + new images and sounds have been added. 8TH MAN TOYS & MERCHANDISE showcases 8th man merchandise - its link is On the 8MAN JAPAN page. The FAN ART page is new also and promises to have lots of art and new cels coming soon. Hopefully this will make the site a little more User-Friendly.

ALSO: the VINTAGE ANIME NETWORK is up and running. ASTROBOY/GIGANTOR/AMAZING 3/PRINCEPLANET all have there own pages so far...ASTROBOY has the TIN-TOY PAGE with lots of pics of great vintage toys. I guess that about it for now...BUT what to expect in the future?? Come back soon and see!

July 29, 2002
Its been awhile since my last entry, I guess this is not a very good "What's New" page ... =^____^=
But, that is OK because I have been so busy on the 8th Man site...I have been totally stoked working on it since I got the domain/bandwidth and the hits are really taking off. Here are some of the things Ive done: Overall changed the fonts reducing the sizes, revamped the mainpage with some new text, and a couple of Java navigation tools (Ex: at bottom of this page), revamped the dialog and pics on the Video and 16mm pages. Added lots of new info and pics to the Complete Episode Guide, did a lot of general clean-up and rectified some erroneous code. Also added brand-new pages: The Media Support page and sub-pages with anime episode lists. The 8th Man Locator Page and reinstated the Americanization of 8th Man Page. Whats next? Come back later and see!
May 24, 2002
Landmark Day: The Birth of
This day I decided to upgrade to Pro. No dumb banner ads any more, now I can expand the site and also not worry about being shutdown because of data transfer overuse. Plus I have my own domain of which will point to the main page.
Since I have subdomains now there are going to be brand new sites for Prince Planet, Amazing Three and others! This is the start of a new project I call the Vintage AnimeNetwork. New pics will be going up very soon - Im going to use a video capture card to create all new pictures for the 8th Man episode guide and more! So I have a lot of work ahead of me, my fingers feel sore already!
Sept 2001 - May 2002
Very little accomplished...Why? Lack of webspace and bandwidth for Data Transfer. The Zeiss viewer also never gave me the results I wanted for pics for the site. Phooey.
Aug. 23, 2001
My viewer arrived broken down and busted so its in the process of being rebuilt (by me) so the pic-improvment project is on-hold for now. New pages added in the last couple of weeks: Old School Anime a brief history of some other early B/W anime series and Studio 8 a page to show-off some of my pic-retouching jobs. Also revamped the "Americanization of 8Man" page with a new disclaimer after someone mentioned to me that the page might stir up some hard feelings, so just taking precautions. In the techincal department I created some animated gifs, some stand alone and some link-enabled. I still need to work on the Episode guide and the Character pages some more.
Aug. 6, 2001
On the link-over page, 8th Man - Items of Interest, I am added personel pages for the each of the major characters, Tobor, Genius, Fumblethumbs, Jenny and Skip. The pic of each links to an information page about the character. Also, I just purcashed a Zeiss 16mm viewer and hope to use it to help make better still pics for the website, I was not really satisfied at all with a lot of the pics (they are pretty crappy) that I took aimed at the TV monitor with moire patterns and blurry images. The Zeiss will allow me to view any frame I wish static and avoid the above mentioned faults. I just hope the image is large enough to get good resoultion and focus, edge illumination is not a big issue as the image will have to be cropped anyway.
Aug. 4, 2001
The 8th Man site has really taken-off and I have added many new pages over the last 2 wks. The major happening was last week when I was able to assemble a Complete Episode list from info gathered on a Japanese website...thank you Babel-Fish Translator and Alta Vista! Now for the first time in English the episode list is available on the Net! It was so exciting discovering this and I would like to give my friend, Kenji, special thanks in guiding me to the Japanese DVD website. Besides the awesome list I also added the pages, The Americanization of 8 Man, Ask About 8th Man, 8 Man Japan, and my favorite, the Blueprint Room which has turned out to be a real test of my literary skills (what little I have)! Everything is still under construction but I have recieved several rave reviews after giving some people, including Jerry Burke, the voice-actor who played Tobor, a "sneak preview" of the site.
July. 18-22, 2001
Work, work , work. Added the 8th Man episode page with links to various pages highlighting villans and enemy countries and a master episode list w/ synopsis for each episode, at least I started the framework of these pages & added some graphics and pics, it will take weeks to complete the synopsis of each episode.
July. 17, 2001
Found some nice sites where you can customize your own logos, buttons, etc...added some of this new polish to 8th Man, and will probably do some renovation on Tech 1 also. It looks like 8th Man is going to get most of my attention for the meantime because I think I have a good chance on making it into some kind of finished product in the near future.

July 16, 2001
Rediscovered my webpage here after many months and began work on the 8th Man site. Decided to not make it really wordy and concentrate on images and graphical content, but was unable to keep from saying a whole lot more than intended to. Oh Well. Going to actually publish this on the Web now since I realize it will never be truly what you see is what you get.

Feb. 12, 2001
What have I done the last month, nothing on the Web Page, thats obvious...beside spending money on eBay for Video kit, Records, software, etc my life has been rather uneventful. Its Winter and I feel lousy and just stay inside most of the time on the computer. I need a change of pace, Yawn.

Jan. 4, 2001
Generally fine-tuning some of the pics, gifs and links. Still under construction...

Jan. 3, 2001
Added the What's New page and started downloading annoying gif animations that I will try to use tastfully

Jan. 2, 2001
Decided to add a "splash page" even though its not necessary to be "18 or over" to enter.
Added new backgrounds and text color & a bit-o' DHTML to create a snazzy title to existing pages

Jan 1, 2000
Everything is closed today so got busy:

Dec. 31, 2000
Slept late, thought some more.

Dec. 25-30, 2000
Embyronic beginnings of the Tech1 website start to form in my mind as the result of alot of time on my hands
due to the Holidays and the inspiration generated from surfing the Labguy's web pages, which I discovered
from a link on the U-Matic Chat page.
Website name taken from the Windows Sign-in that I am now forced to provide a password for every time I boot-up as a result of having my PC worked on by an complete idiot.

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