Voice-talent performed by Jerry Berke

Tobor the Detective is 8th Man's human indentity that he uses to walk amongst the people of Metropolitian City like a normal person. Professor Genius, the scientist who created 8th Man told him (in episode #1) that he shouldnt walk around looking like a robot all the time. He decided to keep the face of Special Agent Brady and Prof. Genius named him Tobor, which is robot backwards.

Tobor/8th Man opened the Tobor Detective Agency and hired Jenny Hartsweet, the girl he saved from Saucer-Lips as his secretary. Early on in the series we find that Tobor is more interested in his newspaper than socializing with Jenny, much to her chagrin. He has a one-track-mind and when reading his paper often ignores Jenny or mutters an occasional, "Uh huh", when she is trying to speak with him. Jenny usually calls him Mr. Tobor at the office when clients are around, but just plain Tobor most of the time.

Tobor is a very no-nonsense sort of guy and has a dry sense of humor. He is not romantic nor poetic and always succeeds in "raining on Jenny's parade". For instance when driving through town on a winter's day, Jenny mentions that the ice looks like "a clean white mantle" on the city, and Tobor replies, "All I see are frozen water crystals"
Tobor can be condescending at times too...when Jenny asks, "Why is the observatory so far out of town"? Tobor replies, "You could hardly see stars in town...with all the bright lights and neon signs (you dummy).{Emphasis added}

Tobor is also apt to taking naps and leaving the office in a hurry after recieving telephone calls that are "wrong numbers". Most of this "clusmy" behavior of course is part of his cover to appear to be a "normal guy" because unless he is conserving his atomic fuel in some sort of a "suspend mode", everyone knows: robots dont take naps.

Because he doesnt want to give away his secret indentity, in certain situations Tobor will pretend to be weak and allow himself to get punched, knocked down, or flung through a nearby door (with it shut) then as soon as he gets a chance he will change to 8th Man and go back and kick their butts. In a situation where his secret indenity is not threatened he is quite capable of defending himself.

Despite his sometimes cold behavior towards Jenny, Tobor is very protective of her and cares about her deep inside, but since he is now a robot he has to keep her at arm's length and discourage the natural affection that Jenny feels for him.


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