Voice-talent performed by Sandy Warshaw

Skip Pepper is Tobor's office boy. He is a cute, but irritating kid and not too bright, it seems. Skip is never seen working but oftentimes sleeping or annoying Jenny. Skip is usually getting himself into trouble like trying to face down major league baddies like Dr Spectra, or Coldknuckle who just brush him aside like some bothersome insect. So, couragous or stupid, take your pick. Skip Pepper isnt seen much after the first few episodes and then disappears from the series altogether. But in the original mangas, Skip or Ichiao remains a player all the way through to the final episode. But he is even more useless and constantly is shown eating noodles with chopsticks or being totally obnoxious occupping himself with such important pursuits as picking his nose, which would seem to indicate that comic relief seems to be the reason for his inclusion into the series.