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Professor Genius is the scientist who invented 8th Man, (in these profiles I am going to stick with the English-dubbed names, etc) and he came from the country of Armaco. In Armaco, Professor Genius worked for the government, but supposedly he was not aware at first that his endeavors/inventions would be used in a military capacity.

We learn in different episodes that Professor Genius had certain collegues and fellow scientists that worked either alongside him or in similar fields, one these people is Dr. Status, who pioneered project 007, or Samantha Seven a super-powerful but not too intellegent robot that he used to try and capture 8th Man. And Dr. Goall was responsible for changing Genius' own son, Ken, who worked for the Armaco Secret Police into a robot specifically to capture Professor Genius and force him back to work in the war laboritories in Armaco.

When Professor Genius became aware that his work was destined to be used as a weapon, the peace-loving scientist defected and took his own unfinished project, 008 with him. Professor Genius happened across the lifeless body of Special Agent Brady and transfered his mind into the body of 008, and thus the 8th Man was born. Professor Genius lives in his lab located somewhere outside of Metropolitian City in a rural area for his privacy. He has dedicated his life to the task of assisting and maintaining 8th Man so that he can continue his job in fighting Intercrime, the Black Butterfly or any threat to World peace and security.


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