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You enjoy many Japanese commodotity here in image but cannot ship outside Japan

Very scarce "Sonosheet" of 8 Man theme song make by Victor Japan in 1960's

Complete series 8 Man TV on DVD
Available only Japan

Masterpiece of SF hero animation of the bosom oak of flat well harmony righteousness & mulberry tree rice field Jiro original DVD conversion (1963 year broadcast).
Heart of the human and has the body of the cyborg the soldier which, the eight man large participating. It fully loads the data image which freely used, the menu function only of the DVD such as original author interview,
eight man field picture collection,
eight man publication collection,
eight man treasure goods collection and name scene collection. It is appearance in new telecine edition from the original negative.

1st story " eight man appearance " 2nd story " hit man Gaea ream " 3rd story " the sibling of Satan " 4th story " capital punishment stand B3 "

5th story " dark capsule " 6th story " golden gang " 7th story " sound arresting jet aircraft " 8th story " super small-sized missile "

9th story " light ray gun laser " 10th story " robot 007 " 11th story " the assassin of vision " 12th story " of the uranium of 12th story seabed "



8 Man Manga
Available only Japan

8 Man Item
Which Available only Japan

Very gorgousness 8 Man watch w/ etching on back inscription The form of the eight man whom it runs more quickly than the bullet is being inserted in the letter board. Because the calendar is the eight man, when " 8 " it is day, the red number appears. Before changing, " east eight 郎 " it is stamped in the reverse side cover. オリジナルピンズ and recognition proof, original BOX to attach.

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