Voice-talent performed by Sandy Warshaw

"An un-consicious helper, wrong numbers, and a disappearing boss"
....What's a girl to do??

Jenny Heartsweet was introduced in Episode #1 as the girl driving down the road minding her own business when Detective Brady's killer, Saucer-Lip who is running from Fumblethumbs and his men, flags her down, pulls a gun, pulls her hair (really!) and hijacks her and her sports-car.

After being saved by 8th Man, (who BTW she did not see, she only saw Tobor at the time, (probably fainted) -- she becomes Tobor's secretary.

Jenny would like for Tobor to notice her and would probably fall in love with Tobor if he had but nutured a relationship with Jenny, but of course, secretly being a robot he behaves very indifferent towards Jenny to achieve the opposite of what she would desire. This leaves poor Jenny in a rather emotional upheavel most of the time. Jenny is overly-sensitive and thus gets her feelings hurt a lot by the men in her life, Tobor, Chief Fumblethumbs and Skip Pepper the office-boy have all been reciptiants of backlash from her hurt feelings.

But, Jenny has an undying loyalty to Tobor and is always a support in time of need, whenever Tobor may be in trouble (she thinks) Jenny will be there to prod Fumblethumbs or Skip into action to save her beloved. Jenny will stay late at the office waiting for Tobor's safe return, she is a devoted employee and friend.

Jenny's is a character to be pitied, she is a victim of circumstances she cannot understand, indeed her very hope of happiness with Tobor is based upon a deception that if revealed might crush her. She supposes that Tobor is interested in other women, the "wrong numbers" he recieves at the office being a signal for a date with these imagined women. All in all Jenny stays fairly frustrated, surrounded by "inconsiderate males" and unable to change her lot in life. *sniff*


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