Episode List and Synopsis

This is a list of all 56 unique 8th Man episodes, only 4 of the English-dubbed titles are currently unknown. .
In Japan, three episodes #24, #27, #37 were re-broadcast during the original run so the Japanese episode sequence after #42 differs from the English and is a bit confusing...Plus there is also the mysterious 60th episode that I just recently found out about: Good-bye 8 Man - A "live-action" tribute it aired one week after the last episode. See the end of the list for all the info I presently have on #60.

If you know have any episode info let us know and it will be added to the list.
Original Japanese titles follow the English Dub titles.
This is the true episode sequence based on the original Japanese series!

To preserve continuity the English-dubbed series runs in same order to match the Japanese sequence.
This was not always true for many early Japanese anime productions. There are some recurring themes/characters in certain episodes of 8th Man with reference to earlier episodes and the 16mm prints themselves bears this out.

Notes of Interest: early episodes incorporate the "serial cliff-hanger" method at commercial breaks with a brief repeat of the footage after the commercial break. This was apparently abandoned after the first few episodes.

Similar to ABC-TV's groundbreaking animated show "The Flintstones", 8 Man was slotted for fun family viewing in early prime-time at 6:00 o'clock PM!

Does this mean the typical Japanese family could handle a little more violence and mayhem than an American family...? =^____^=

English-dubbed episodes that are still "lost" are marked in RED...only four are left now to uncover!

Overall, the English-dubbed episodes take their names from the opening line in the intro for each episode. The names of the Japanese episodes are sometimes similar & sometimes completely different.

I have taken the liberty to improvise on the four "lost episode" English-dubbed titles, OR the Japanese title is substituted for continuity purposes.
I have also included short Technical Notes for each episode on video quality, availability and other details. If an episode is labeled "Not commercially released" this refers to English-dubbed only and you probably would have get it from a collector, online or at conventions. If an episode is labeled "Availability Unknown" it means I don't have it, and if you do contact me!
All the episodes have been released on Laserdisc and DVD in Japan, and partially on videotape in VHS & Beta in the mid-80's - in Japanese only! Also because the English-dubbing team at Copri International went to extremes to conceal the Japanese origins of 8th Man, I have detailed these "cover-ups" where appropriate, they are usually quite humorous!


(This is still a work in-progress)


This is the English-dubbed 8th Man "bumper" -- similar to the original Japanese bumper but with a different graphic. The "whooshing" sound is the same, as it was part of the Japanese M&E tracks. Of course, the voice overdub had to be changed from "Eightaman" to the our "8th Man".

Episode #1

This is the story of...


Eight Man Appearance

Just as the title states this is the origin episode and details how Special Agent Brady was cruelly run-down by an automobile and killed by Saucer Lips (Mukade) and his gang, and then had his mind restored in the robot body created by Prof. Genius (Tani) but very little is revealed about Prof. Genius at this point.
Brady is at first upset about being placed in a mechanical body against his will, but soon comes to grips with the fact that what's done is done and also that he can be a great force for good in the world. Hardly grown accustomed to his new powers he smashes a table to pieces when he strikes it, Prof. Genius guides him and explains the many things he is capable of because of his superior electronic brain which responds much faster than a human brain. Super-speed and reflexes allow 8th Man/Brady to capture a bat in mid-air. Infrared vision allows him to see in the dark, and special plastic skin gives him the uncanny ability to transform his appearance anyway he desires. It is interesting that in testing his power of disguise 8th Man changes into characters that strongly resemble then world-leaders Kruschev and JFK! He chooses to retain his former appearance of Brady but under the alias of Mr. Tobor. 8th man vows to fight crime and injustice and his first case is to find his own murderer!
Meanwhile, Chief Fumblethumbs of the Metropolitan Crime Prevention Agency vows to avenge his friend, and co-worker, Brady. Fumblethumbs and his men are in hot pursuit of Saucer Lips but he evades capture and hi-jacks the passing car guessed it - Jenny Heartsweet who is in the end rescued by 8th Man and becomes "Detective" Tobor's secretary. Chief Fumblethumbs and Prof. Genius are the only persons who know Tobor is really 8th Man.

Famous Quote - Special Agent Brady: "That table...I smashed it with my fist!"

Technical Notes: Since the animation crew that worked on 8Man was largely inexperienced with cel animation the first few episodes are of a crude quality. This was shortly improved however by a re-organization and streamlining of the process. So animation in early episodes is significantly less detailed than later episodes, decent video dubs of #1 are very hard to find, usually very poor/incomplete.
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Episode #2

I almost met disaster when my good friend, Chief Fumblethumbs was the target of...


Hit-Man Geilen

Local Crime boss, Slicker and his head-henchman, Mongoose are making plans to eliminate Chief Fumblethumbs by hiring: Icefinger the Executioner, a top hit-man employed by the International Crime Syndicate we will hear much more of - InterCrime! Mongoose, sure that he is the fastest gun, does not get along well with Icefinger and a shooting contest is scheduled where the winner will get the "Fumblethumbs job".
But, before the contest, Mongoose is arrested and taken into custody; Fumblethumbs knowing that Icefinger is at Slicker's headquarters sends Tobor in disguise as Mongoose to spy on them but he is discovered by a "bugged" telephone talking to Jenny. Slicker kidnaps Jenny and its up to 8th Man to save her and stop Icefinger.

Famous Quote - Icefinger: "You rotten rusty robot -- I'll roast you like rabbit!"

Technical Notes: Animation is significantly less detailed than later episodes (but getting better), Excellent video dubs exist. Jenny's 1st conscious encounter with 8th Man - she lights his "cigarette" with a flame-thrower!
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Episode #3


I faced one of my most unusual cases when I found myself up against...


The Sibling of Satan

Famous singing star, Minnie Marvelous is kidnapped during a live stage performance by some one calling himself the Clown, Jean-E-Us of Crime. 8th Man, as Tobor in the audience witnesses the abduction but can't save her because his energy is low, Jenny takes his energy booster cigarette away from him like Smoky the Bear preventing a forest fire. The Clown escapes and demands a huge ransom for the return of Minnie. To save her Mr. Mogul the president of the Cuteness Doll Company, Minnie's sponsor agrees to put up the ransom. Turns out Mogul is in on the caper. The whole thing was a publicity stunt to increase sales for his doll company. 8th Man discovers this, gets the Clown and tricks Mogul into a confession. Minnie Marvelous is rescued and goes on with her singing career. And as 8th Man says at the end..."I'm glad to have been there when she needed me."

Technical Notes: This is the first episode with Skippy the office boy. Not commercially released
Animation is significantly less detailed than later episodes, in fact its really crude.
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Episode #4



Capital Punishment Stand B3

Turtle, owner of the Epic Trading & Import Company, is really the head of a crime syndicate. By smuggling the rare and deadly Spray Needle Blaster gun into the country and auctioning it off to the highest bidder, he poses a great threat to society. Chief Fumblethumbs assigns special agent Lieutenant Trim (a woman) to spy on Turtle's operations by posing as his switchboard operator. But when she mysteriously disappears, he sends 8th Man to rescue her and put an end to Turtle's operations.

Technical Notes: Also produced in an alternate, untelevised, narrated version like Episode #5.
Animation is significantly less detailed than later episodes, another very crudely drawn and jerky-looking effort before the re-organization.
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Episode #5

Chief Fumblethumbs career and Jenny's life were at stake when I faced...


The Dark Capsule

Worldwide bank robberies committed in an impenetrable fog of black smoke are Chief Fumblethumbs latest worry. The only clues are pieces of broken capsules littered throughout the crime scenes. When the Commissioner Bristle threatens to fire Chief Fumblethumbs for not solving the case, Fumblethumbs turns to 8th Man for help. 8th Man investigates every scene where a bank robbery has occurred and uncovers several more clues. Following up on these, he comes face to face with Dr. Sinister and his Black Fog Bank Mob. But as 8th Man soon learns, Dr. Sinister is no easy foe to defeat.

Famous Quote - Dr Sinister: "I'll put diabolical plan #4 into action!"

Technical Notes: Two versions of exist of this episode. One is sparsely narrated in parts by Jerry Burke (Tobor's voice) -- and the other extensively narrated by another voice-actor (unknown), this version also has scripting differences and a distinctively different sounding Chief Fumblethumbs...same voice-actor (Bob Gaynor) but he puts an annoying "warble" in his voice. Probably a "practice" print or an experiment that was scrapped.
Animation quality shows some improvment and more detailed than earlier episodes.
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Episode #6

One of my most confusing cases was when I metů


Golden Gang

The mysterious disappearance of huge golden art treasures has Chief Fumblethumbs completely stymied. While Tobor is out of the office a girl named Lily shows up at the office disturbed about something she saw at her home; a man walked inside a statue in the yard. So Lily and Skip leave to investigate at her home, no one is there but them and Graybar, the butler. While searching for clues in a room they are assaulted with a knock-out gas. When Skip doesn't return 8th Man goes to Lily's home as Tobor, and Graybar answers and tells him that Skip left hours ago. Suspicious of the fact that Skip didn't not return to the office, Tobor waits and soon a car pulls in and it is men from the Numbers Gang. 8th Man takes one of their places and enters the secret hideout going to the statue just as Lily had seen. Inside the hideout 8th Man learns the secret of the robberies and the purpose, to sell the gold to Intercrime. It was done using the Molecule Modulator, a ray that shrinks/expands only items made of gold, and it was invented by the leader of the gang, who calls himself, Goldshrinker. 8th Man gives himself away to be a spy by speaking aloud, which the Numbers Gang wasn't allowed to do, without permission from the leader. So, 8th Man is led into a trap and gassed also, but this doesn't affect him so he pretends to be knocked-out and the Gang takes him, Skip and Lily out to sea to dump them into the ocean. 8th Man breaks loose, commandeers the speedboat and returns Skip and Lily to safety. Then he confronts Goldshrinker, Mr. Crimebuyer and the whole Numbers Gang, he is whooping them pretty good until his energy runs low (bad timing). As he falters, he is shot and knocked down, gleefully Goldshrinker binds him a places a charge of dynamite beside him, but one of the Gang rushes in and announces that patrol boats have discovered them so they must run for the cars, they light that fuse before they rush off though. 8th Man is able to reach one of his super-energy booster cigarettes and light it off the fuse and escape destruction in the nick of time. As Goldshrinker and his Gang are about to drive away, 8th Man blocks the road ordering them to surrender, and they answer back with machine-gun fire. Apparently, this is about all that 8th Man is going to take because now he produces the Molecule Modulator ray-gun and threaten to use it, much to the dismay of the Gang, despite their cries for him to desist, 8th Man fires the reverse effect causing the golden treasures in their cars to expand, and expand until the force rips them apart. When the smoke clears the crooks are all trapped under the golden treasures. Goldshrinker is unmasked to guessed it the butler did it!

Famous Quote - Jenny: "Tobor and Skip have been gone the longest time...inconsiderate males."

Technical Notes: Commercially released on New Age Video & Kiddie Pocorn Classics labels
Available from Japanese cover-up: All the golden treasures are "Far-Eastern". The museum guard makes the comment, "Making all those signs Oriental doesnt help you to find you're way around here".

Episode #7


Sound Arresting Jet Aircraft

Dogman, the head of Intercrime's armored car robbery division escapes from jail and is back in business, using special noiseless jet aircraft he sneaks up on them and pull the armored cars into his plane. Tobor sets a trap for him but is trapped himself.

Famous Quote - Jenny: "Skip! Wake up!....*sigh* - wrong numbers, an impossible boss, and an unconscious helper."

Technical Notes: Also produced in an alternate, untelevised, narrated version (see below).
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Episode #7A


Sound Arresting Jet Aircraft

Dogman, with the help of his gang escapes from jail and is back in business. Using special noiseless jet aircraft he sneaks up on them and pulls the armored cars into his plane. Lt. Fumblethumbs is baffled and calls Tobor the Detective on the case. Jenny and office boy "Billy" do little to nothing in this one. Tobor allows himself to be captured but falls into a trap. Lt. Fumblethumbs is also captured and at the mercy of the merciless Dogman!

Un-Famous Quote - Jenny: "Billy! Wake up! All you do is sleep....wake up!

Technical Notes: This is the alternate untelevised version of The Silent Jets, it is so different we thought it merited its own listing Kurt Nagle, who worked in "The Amazing 3" provides many of the voices: Narrator, Tobor the 8th Man, and even does the "8th Man" bumper voice. And Reuben Guberman does the voice of Dogman.
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Super Small-sized Missile

Dr. Spectra uses a frequency-jamming device to cause all the televisions in Metropolitian City to go on the fritz. Despite repeated telephone calls from Spectra to Chief Fumblethumbs office to watch TV, Fumblethumbs doesn't "get the picture" until one of his men notify him of the problem and they sit down only to see a screen full of "snow". Since Spectra's motive was to get Fumblethumbs to call 8th Man he then launches one of his "mini-missiles" which 8th Man hears coming and shoots down with the Chief's pistol.
At this point 8th Man is feeling weak, but before he can take a drag on one of his "super-energy booster cigarettes..Spectra shoots it out of his hand and informs 8th Man of his intentions to capture him for Intercrime's evil purposes. 8th Man barely avoids being blasted with a missile and escapes. Next, Spectra has a pow-wow with Emissary Crudely, an Intercrime offical, does some calucations with his Evil Data Processor and assures him that next time he will get 8th Man. Spectra suspects Tobor the Detective of really being 8th Man and challenges Tobor at his office in front of Skip Pepper and Jenny Heartsweet. Skip gets shocked with Spectra's Nerve-Shocking Stick and Spectra dares Tobor to touch it too, and prove he is human and not a robot. Tobor will not, and Jenny begins to doubt him.
Spectra promises to return and he does, with a modified missile that splits to follow 8th Man he succeeds in capturing him...of interest is the fact that Spectra picks the heavy robot up and takes him to his car (a very nice 62' Impala I believe).
Anyway, at the lab of Dr. Spectra, while fiddling around with 8th Man he becomes activated and escapes leaving Spectra's lab in a ruin. The tiny needles from the missile affected 8th Man's electronic brain and he wanders aimlessly; Spectra follows him and sees the confused robot change into Jenny, which in turn, confuses Spectra because he was sure that Tobor was 8th Man.
8th Man/Jenny shows up at Prof. Genuis' lab who instantly recognizes his creation and repairs the damage. After 8th Man explains how Spectra defeated him, Prof. Genius outfits 8th Man with new equipment to help.
Meantime, Dr. Spectra now convinced that Jenny is 8th Man in disguise, confronts her and Skip. Skip Pepper gets shocked again trying to defend Jenny and Spectra unleashes a dozen mini-missiles against poor Jenny. Suddenly, the real 8th Man comes on the scene and Spectra is thrown for a loop, realizing his mistake he orders the missiles to attack 8th Man, but to his utter amazement they turn against him.
8th Man is equipped with a remote-control that overrides Spectra's. Dr Spectra refusing to surrender drives quickly away but the missiles overtake him and cause him to run his car off a steep embankment to his supposed doom. Of course, Spectra is to ornery to die that easily...and there are another 48 episodes to go!

Famous Quotes - Skip: Who would want to touch that stick and get shocked like I did? Aughh, I'm dying somebody get me my last meal!
Jenny: Oh, Skip you're always hungry...

Technical Notes: Commercially released on Video Rarities label. Also produced in an alternate, untelevised, narrated version.
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Episode #9

I was almost struck down by...


Light-ray Gun Laser

Technical Notes: Not commercially released
Available from

Dr. Katheryn Rational approaches Intercrime crime boss Mr. Browbeat with an irresistible offer; if he will assist her in trapping the Black Butterfly agent, Evil-eye who murdered her father - she will give Intercrime a powerful weapon: The Light-burner Laser Gun.

Famous Quote - Browbeat: "Look see, I'm no swindler. I'm a crook!"

Technical Notes: Not commercially released. Also produced in an alternate, untelevised, narrated version.

Japanese cover-up: As 8th Man is trailing Dr. Katheryn Rational to her home: "She drove to the outskirts of the city, to a large an elaborate estate and through a gatepost with the fancy initials, "KR" (the so-called "K" is the Japanese kanji for mizu which means "water" Mizusawa is the woman's name in Japanese)

Episode #10

I was almost destroyed when I met my big sister...


Robot 007

At Centre Station, the railroad depot Chief Fumblethumbs and his men are puzzled when a misplaced shipping crate yields a strange object: a robotic arm. While 8th Man is examining the arm two visiting "reporters" arrive from the Republic of Armaco demanding to see the what was found at the train station and successfully tell the Chief what is inside the box demanding it be turned over to them. Then we learn that they are really Dr. Status and Samantha 007, a super-robot who the arm belongs to - Status reveals his true purpose: locate the 8th robot stolen by Prof. Genius and return it to Armaco.

Famous Quote - Skip: "We dont know where he is...honest-to-Pete, mister!"

Technical Notes: Not commercially released
Available from
Japanese Cover-up: Chief Fumblethumbs finds a note left by Dr. Status and asks Tobor if he can read "Armaconian" - As Tobor looks at the note and we see Japanese script, he says,"8th Man can read all languages".

Episode #11


Assassin of Vision

When a visiting dignitary, Pres. Industrious comes to Metropolitan City, Chief Fumblethumbs is placed in an uncomfortable position because the exiled daughter of the ex-Monarch is living in Metropolitan City with her loyal followers. The bodyguard assigned to protect Industrious is Captain Tiger and he is none to pleased when the plane they just got off of, explodes. To protect Pres. Industrious and discover who is trying to kill him, 8th Man goes undercover as a hotel maid, disguised as Jenny. After thwarting several attempts on the President's life he true culprit, Capt Tiger discovers that one of the hotel's maids is really Princess Precious, the exile. Tiger apprehends both Tobor/Jenny and the Princess, but when 8th Man moves into action another attempt on the President's life is stopped and Capt. Tiger is exposed. Rather than surrender he leaps from the window to his death.

Famous Quotes - Capt. Tiger: "You'll never catch me, ya pipsqueak"!
Chief Fumblethumbs: "You talk pretty big, for someone who's been captured"!

Technical Notes:Commercially released on Video Rarities label

Episode #12

Young Skip came to my rescue when I faced...


The Uranium of Seabed

When an airplane carrying a valuable cargo of Uranium 235 crashes into the ocean and dispatched salvage ships disappear also, Tobor is called in on the case. Jenny and Skip stowaway on the departing ship, are discovered and "rewarded" with a each a mop of their own and a plenty of deck to swab! But worse trouble is lurking underwater in the form of the pirate submarine, Rascal Fish. The pirate captain, Flounder and his crew will stop at nothing to get the precious U-235 resting at the bottom of the sea.
Technical Notes: Commercially released on Video Rarities label

Episode #13

One of Intercrime's most evil plots was put into operation, when I met...


Human Hollerith Card

Top-level scientists are disappearing and Chief Fumblethumbs is concerned with the safety of the arriving Dr. Quazion after the disappearance of Dr. Multiple and his daughter, Betty right before the approaching Conference. 8th man trades places with Dr Quazion using his power of instant disguise and is apprehended by the culprit, Bat Master, and his two henchmen, Stoogewick and Sam, who chime in constant loyalty, "We obey the Bat". Bat Master plans to gather the knowledge of the scientists with his diabolical Memory Mover and Electronic Brain Bank machines, for the Director of the International Spying Bureau of Intercrime, Mr. Scowler. Since the Memory Mover can only be used once on a victim they decide to experiment its effectiveness on a human brain using Betty Multiple as a guinea pig. 8th Man sets the Dr. Multiple and Betty free after clobbering the henchmen but is captured by Bat Master and hindered by an electric current, which 8th Man reverses, causing the equipment to explode and the hideout to catch fire. In attempting to escape Bat Master and Mr. Scowler are attacked by his own robot bats. 8th Man rescues the other scientists' right before the entire hideout is destroyed.

Technical Notes: Commercially released on Video Rarities label
Animation is significantly less detailed than later episodes (but getting better), Excellent video dubs exist.
Japanese cover-up: While ushering Dr. Quazion into a room, Chief Fumblethumbs, remarks, "This is vistor's lounge #3, known as the Oriental Room", To which Dr. Quazion replies, "How clever, even the sign is in a Far East alphabet".

Episode #14


Super Pilot

Top rocket pilot Rocky Slipstream joins forces with the Grasping Company... an unscrupulous imitator of the aeronautic designs of the honest Teamwork Company. After Rocky quits the Teamwork Co. the young Kid Swifty takes his place as test pilot. Mr. Grasping and his henchman, Mean-eyes will stop at nothing to win an important rocket race and discredit the Teamwork Co. in the process.

Technical Notes: "Not commercially released"
Available from

Episode #15



Black Ghost

A formula developed at the Handlebar Chemical Factory enables several employees to speed up their metabolisms so they can function faster than any other human being. In fact, their metabolisms are so great that they take on the appearance of shadows. Mr. Handlebar, together with his staff begin by playing pranks on the citizens of Metropolitan City. This eventually escalates into a crime spree and Chief Fumblethumbs and 8th Man aren't able to stop them. Only when Arnold Goodfellow, the originator of the metabolism formula and a former employee at the factory comes forward, can 8th Man and the authorities learn the Shadow Bandits' weaknesses and defeat them.

Technical Notes: Mr. Handlebar, probably earned his moniker from the large "handlebar" mustache he sports! An interesting point is that the speeded-up metabolisms of Handlebar and his cohorts also cause them to age rapidly so by the end of the episode Mr. Handlebar is a frail old codger and Chief Fumblethumbs has to carry him off piggyback! Not commercially released.
Available from

Episode #16


Mysterious Thief Goldbeetle

Tobor may have cleaned up the "Black Fog Bank Mob" but now he must deal with the bank-robbing crook known as, Goldbeetle. Using his cleverly designed Robot Beetles grabbing the cash is a snap, and with no real clues left behind but a hole in the floor of the vault! In a lucky break, Skip's tendencies to nod off bring him face to face with the Goldbeetle and cause suspicion to fall on a Mr. Mizrati, a man who became wealthy in a very short time. Technical Notes: Commercially released on Video Rarities label
Japanese Cover-up: Too many to list! Supposedly takes place in the country of "Orientia" because there is too much Japanese to cover-up or edit out and still have an episode! Jenny says, "Since we've been here I've been learning to read Orientian"

Episode #17


Ultrasonic Doctor

Although he was injured in an accident, Magico the Magician manages to continue making mischief when he hypnotizes his doctor, Dr. Vibrant who just so happens to have invented an ultrasonic hand-held weapon of fantastic power. Mr. Pudgey who works for Intercrime and also wants to get the Doctor's new weapon. 8th Man's assignment is to stop the man who wields the "Sonic Slicer"!
If you have this episode in the English-dubbed version, I would like to obtain a copy.

Technical Notes: Of special interest in this episode is the "rogues gallery" at the auction scene where you can see many of the hoodlums and baddies from past episodes including Slicker and Dr. Spectra!
"Availability Unknown"

Episode #18

I faced one of my most unusual enemies when I met the man who controled the weather...


Typhoon Baron

Chief Fumblethumbs receives a strange letter that promises a violent storm will strike Metropolitan City. When that threat truly comes to pass, 8th Man is sent to the South Seas to investigate the case and finds himself face to face with Baron Stormy, the Weather Wizard! Baron Stormy demands a ransom of 10 million dollars in gold bullion or Metropolitan City will be destroyed!

Technical Notes: Commercially released on Video Rarities label

Episode #19

original artwork by a friend who would remain anonymous


Counter-attack Of Geilen

The episode opens at the Mikado Hotel where "Intercrime" has booked the entire bldg. for their conference. At the meeting, Mr. Plunder begins to tell the audience, which is comprised of crooks and criminals that their organization is building a new headquarters/base on the remote Persian Island. Plunder introduces himself and his top-henchmen: Plunder from the Monaco Mafia, Mr. Shadow - Miami, Mr. Marcaroni - Sicily, Gentleman Pou - Switzerland?, Mr. Boneapald - Corsica, Mr. China-town who has worldwide connections and newcomer, Mr. Buu-Zu! Coldknuckle who is at the meeting catches a spy from the Metropolitan Bureau. Impressed by his prowness Plunder then elevates Coldknuckle to overseer at the Persian Island project. Coldknuckle informs Plunder that they must destroy 8th Man now or he will surely ruin their plans for conquest. Coldknuckle kidnaps Jenny and lays a trap for 8th Man. Dr. Spectra also makes an appearance in this episode at the end.

Technical Notes: Geilen is Icefinger the Executioner. But Icefinger is also "Coldknuckle" this time around. This episode is really the first one that features "Intercrime" or the "International Gangster Federation" as far as the original Japanese is concerned. All previous episodes before #19 that mention "Intercrime" merely use the name as a type of continuity factor established by the scriptwriter of the English-dubbed version.

storyboard of 8th Man #19

Updates will be published whenever, if ever they are obtained. If you have this episode in the English-dubbed version, I would like to obtain a copy. "Availability Unknown"

Episode #20


Spy Order 100

Detective Tobor is assigned to investigate the mysterious disappearances of ninety-nine Metro agents in the ancient country of Mekania. When he arrives he is stunned to discover that machines are in control and the humans are their slaves! When his contact, Agent 99 -- Sherlock Bond (I kid you not) is captured by the Machine Police, Tobor is aided further by the missing President Gregory's daughter, Sylvia. As it turns out she is the leader of the underground movement that opposes the rule of the heartless machines. Joining forces, 8th Man, Bond, and Sylvia Gregory travel far into the desert in search of the ancient city of Mekania and the despotic "Great Computer" to put an end to its mad plan.

Technical Notes: The name "Sherlock Bond" wasn't entirely an idea from Copri in the U.S. -- in the Japanese original at the end of the episode when everyone says their good-byes, 8Man asks "Agent 99" something like "I didn't catch your name, friend"...Agent 99 responds by removing his dark glasses and replying, Bond...James Bond. Apparently, Copri didn't think they could get away with this and changed his moniker slightly. Not commercially released. Available from

Episode #21


Robot Tiger

Dr Spectra invents a robot tiger to capture 8th Man

Technical Notes: Commercially released on Video Rarities label

Episode #22

A robbery, a midnight chase, a mix-up in identities all ended up in a fantastic situation where I faced...


Zero Challenge

After a strange man comes to Tobor's office and hires him to keepsafe a small box two men enter and forcefully take the box from Tobor's safe. When Tobor goes after them, the stranger, Oscar Dorian - a spy for the Black Butterfly returns to kidnap Jenny and use her in a disguise to flee the country.

Technical Notes: Commercially released on Video Rarities label
Japanese Cover-up: While viewing a spool of microfilm as Japanese characters are scrolling across the screen, we hear the muted voice of Oscar Dorian, "Why are you looking at a screen full of symbols that don't mean anything? You have been fooled, fooled!

Episode #23


Napoleonic 13 World

An upcoming Peace Conference is threatened by someone who calls himself Napoleon. Napoleon jams an important satellite TV broadcast and insists that although the nations of Solaria and Bulgainia are speaking words of co-operation and peace, they are really building up their armaments for war. Chief Fumblethumbs has a difficult time with the leaders of each nation's security forces as each suspects the other. By using the strategy of "divide and conquer" Napoleon takes advantage of their suspicions and kidnaps the daughter of the President of Solaria and replaces her with a robot, which is a walking time-bomb.

Technical Notes: Commercially released on Video Rarities label
Japanese Cover-up: Looking at a entrance way marked with Japanese characters, the narrator says, "Each entry into the Peace Palace is named after a different country: this is the Oriental entrance".

Episode #24


Salamander Maneuvers

The evil Dr. Spectra's latest invention is a unstoppable flying machine that can drill through any type of material. With careful planning and this powerful weapon, this time he is sure he can defeat his enmemy, 8th Man...but its two prideful and headstrong pilots are constantly fighting amongst themselves. In the end their lack of co-operation becomes their downfall. Spectra is foiled again.

Technical Notes: "Availability Unknown"

Episode #25

A frightened girl on a lonely bridge, minds that cannot think, all that lead to the...


Superhuman Cyber-brain

A Super-computer, Brainatron obtains power over his creators and threatens to take-over the world.

Famous Quote - Brainatron: "So! You choose to oppose me!"

Technical Notes: The Japanese meaning is closer to "Cyber more than human" or "Cyber-brain more than human". Commercially released on Video Rarities label

Episode #26

The fate of the people of Metropolitian City was in my hands in a...


Terrestrial Zero-hour

The small country of Ambitia accidentally launches a missile with a thermo-nuclear warhead. After multiple failed attempts to shoot it down the Ambitan General makes a terrible announcement to the world: A 500 megaton nuclear warhead is on a runway missile - and its target is Metropolitan City! Only 8th Man using the Light Burner Laser can stop the missile but can he do it in time?

Famous Quote - General: "Tell all the nations of the world a terrible danger is loose in the sky!"

Technical Notes: Not commercially released. Available from

Episode #27

I faced my most fiendish enemy and almost met defeat when I tangled with...


Large Monster Eera

Experiment goes awry and creates monstrous eel-like creature that feeds on electricity.

Famous Quote - Dr. Bold (even though he's dead!): "I am in the middle of an experiment, come back later!"

Technical Notes: Commercially released on Video Rarities label. Also produced in an alternate, untelevised, narrated version.
Available from

Episode #28

I almost met my doom when I faced...


Operation Bacterium

The Black Butterfly Gang obtains a terrible weapon, the Devil Germ gun which fires microorganisms that eat metal. They use it to spring their leader, Evil Jaw out of prison and he finds sanctuary in the Solarian Embassy. With Chief Fumblethumbs hands tied by diplomatic red-tape, he makes a bold move and sends 8th Man into the Embassy alone to get Evil Jaw. Unaware of the awful power of the Devil Germs, 8th Man is exposed to them and sees his own hand crumble to dust before his very eyes! Can he reach Prof. Genius for help in time?

Famous Quote - Evil Jaw: "Fall apart, robot."
Technical Notes: The Japanese title means, "Bacterium that melts(eats))(erodes). "Commercially released on Video Rarities label