Voice-talent performed by Jack Metzger

Dr. Spectra is an evil scientist that works for the International Crime Syndicate: Intercrime. The first mention of Intercrime is in episode #2 "Icefinger the Executioner" and this organization becomes the most prevalent enemy in the series. And it is so because the dubbing team at Copri took the liberty to add "Intercrime" to many early episodes that in the Japanese original no mention of it is made at all because in the original Japanese series "Intercrime" doesn't exist until Episode #19!

This is a list of "Intercrime" episodes that are purely fabricated to include Intercrime by mentioning it a few times throughout the episode!

#2 Icefinger the Executioner from Intercrime:
Icefinger is supposedly a member of Intercrime, but he isn't really. He does join them in #19 though.

#6 Goldshrinker and the Numbers Gang:
Mr. Crimebuyer says that Intercrime will buy all the gold that Goldshrinker can steal.

#7 The Silent Jets:
Introduces Dogman, who is said to run the "armored car robbery division" of Intercrime. lol.

#8 Dr. Spectra:
He doesn't join Intercrime until episode #19 either.

#9 The Light That Burned:
Mr. Browbeat supposedly runs a "chapter" of Intercrime in his area, nope, not in the Japanese version.

#13 Bat Masters and his Robot Bats:
Neither Mr. Scowler nor Bat Masters work for Intercrime though they are said to do this.

#17 The Sonic Slicer:
Mr. Pudgey is said to work for Intercrime and is trying to get the weapon for them from Dr. Vibrant.

There may be more that I cant recall from the top of my head...
But, here is the scoop, in the original Japanese version, Intercrime does not come along until episode #19 The Revenge of Coldknuckle (The Counter-Attack of Gaea Ream) - that is the beginning of the Intercrime organization.
TIP: One sure sign that Intercrime is really involved in an episode is when you see the Intercrime logo...a globe that is pierced through with a knife or sword.

Some other interesting tidbits from #19...Icefinger states that he used to be a Nazi Commander...in the elite guard of Hitler - the Waffen SS!
Also, Dr. Spectra is stated to be a Soviet scientist, in the series the name "Solaria" is used for the U.S.S.R! They are both recruited by Intercrime in this episode.

Dr. Spectra makes his first appearance in the episode: Dr.Spectra, and his motive is to capture 8th Man intact, more or less so that he can duplicate him to make robot soldiers for Intercrime, the very reason, ironically that Prof. Genius took 8th Man out of the Republic of Armaco.
In many instances Dr. Spectra gets 8th Man into a position where he could destroy him and rid Intercrime of a major hindrance to their operations, but he is just “too much of a scientist” to carry through, thus 8th man always escapes to fight Spectra another day.

Dr. Spectra’s brother Lebo (lay-bo) is introduced in The Valcouns and then later is accidentally transformed into a huge bird in the episode “The Monster Bird”, who in the end is destroyed by 8th Man which further invokes Spectra’s wrath.

Dr. Spectra also has a daughter, Dorothea Spectra who appears in Byrus 13.

The desire to capture 8th Man eventually turns to a seething hatred bent on pure revenge and in the episode, “Intercrime’s Invincible Robot” Spectra succeeds in perfectly duplicating Prof Genius’ process of transferring a human mind into a robot and does so with Coldknuckle (Icefinger) a hitman for the organization. Coldknuckle proves to be a worthy opponent for 8th man and would have destroyed him, but Dr.Spectra became jealous of Coldknuckle and wanting the revenge against 8th Man for himself alone, distracts Coldknuckle just long enough for 8th Man to get the upper hand, so Spectra’s plans are ruined.

Icefinger, or Gaea ream, his Japanese name, makes enough appearances to almost warrant a page of his own here, but since he is a member of Intercrime, this is where he will be discussed. The English-name Icefinger, conjures images of spies and espionage, a la Flemming's "Goldfinger" and the classic gangster terminology of putting the victim "on ice", so we obtain a rather good explanation of the nature of his business.

I think that Chief Fumblethumbs was a perfect handle for the character, lets face it, without the help of 8th Man this guy would have never lasted. Fumble indicates somebody goofed, like fumbling the ball. Add to that he is "all thumbs" and there you have the good Chief!

Wow! I think I could do a whole page just on the names!

There is no real visual evidence that Icefinger was actually a denizen of Intercrime in #2, but he comes back in episode #19 to take revenge on 8th Man and although it appears that he is killed he returns again in episode #40!
Strangely enough, Icefinger is'nt Icefinger anymore in #40, he is called Coldknuckle - a fact that confuses me and I have no answer for, weird.

Intercrime is headed up by the cigar-chomping Mr. Plunder, and consists of a International host of criminals, which includes: Mr. Shadow, Mr. Boneapart, Mr. Macaroni, Gentleman Pou, Mr China-town, and Mr. Boozoo - An African with a bone in his nose!

Among the other crooks and villains of Intercrime in the English-dubbed version are:
Mr. Scowler – from Bat Master and his Robot Bats
Mr. Crimebuyer – From Goldshrinker and the Numbers Gang
Mr. Browbeat – from The Light That Burned
Mr. Robertson (a.k.a. Napoleon) –from the Return of Napoleon Bonaparte
Rhino – from Pounce the Robot Tiger
Dogman – from The Silent Jets
Usher the Expediter – from The Electronic Phantoms