Voice-talent performed by Bob Gaynor

Chief Fumblethumbs is a sincere but rather inept police officer working at the Metropolitian City International Law Enforcement Agency. Special Agent Brady worked under Chief Fumblethumbs before he was murdered by Saucer-Lips and his gang. Chief Fumblethumbs is one of only two people (on the side of the good-guys anyway) who know Tobor's true indentity as 8th Man, the other being his creator, Professor Genius.

Interestingly enough, if you like trival details, in episode #1 Chief Fumblethumbs smokes cigarettes, but in other episodes he smokes a pipe. We see that Chief Fumblethumbs spends most of his time worrying. Plus, he has become nearly completely dependant on 8th Man (I assume his job performance rating would be pretty low if he didnt have 8th Man to catch all the criminals for him).

He has a vivid imagination which he uses to usually expect the worse, and he is usually right, since being a close business associate and friend of 8th Man puts him in the line of fire quite often as many criminal organizations have 8th Man's elimination as one of their top priorities.

Despite some of these shortcomings, Chief Fumblethumbs does not lack in bravery and duty to his office, he will readily step into the maw of danger when the situation calls for it and has saved 8th Man's life on many occasions.

Chief Fumblethumbs has a secret signal he sends Tobor when help is needed by calling Tobor's office on the telephone and saying, "Wrong number" without saying anything else and hanging up. Supposedly this is to prevent Jenny from knowing that Tobor is going on a dangerous assignment because she also worries alot, so she will tell Tobor it was a wrong number and then he will say he has to leave and for her and Skip to watch the office until he returns. Jenny and Skip Pepper spend most of their time watching the office, it must get pretty boring. Unfortunately, a side-effect of all these "secret" going-ons with the wrong number bit cause Jenny to believe that Tobor has really got a date with some woman. Is the Chief disguising his voice to sound like a woman? No, so go figure.


"So, I call you Tobor now...thats robot spelled backwards, isn't it?"
"Well, if wrong numbers give you trouble call the phone company!"
"A Bird is coming? What you do mean a bird is coming? (Every nut in town calls Chief Fumblethumbs)!"


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