Mr. Jiro Kuwata
The Designer of "8 Man"

Welcome to the 8th Man Blueprint Room! You are about explore the events that led to the birth of Super-robot 008,
the robot with the mind of a man!
Learn the Secrets of Prof. Genius' marvelous mechanical creation, his powers, abilities, and the high-technology devices that make the 8th Man the most effective tool for fighting crime ever invented!

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An End...and a Beginning

I am Professor Genius.
I dont know if it was a dream that led me to that dark street on that particular night, or was it the hand of destiny...

The young detective's body lay on the cold pavement, still, motionless.

He's dead. But he's so young...I'll pick him up and take him back to my laboratory, perhaps I can give him a new life.
I picked up the young man's body and carried it to my car.
It was a long ride to my laboratory outside the city and I had plenty of time to think...
As a looked down the long expanse of seemingly endless highway, I started to recall the road that my own life had taken...and the detour in life's road that I had been forced to choose that led me far from everything that was once dear to me, my friends, my family, and the very country I once served.
Yes, I began to think, long and hard, to think about many years of hard work - and a Dream.
A Dream that I had long cherished...
That of giving a new body to an existing mind but more than simply the powerful body, I had planned to transfer all the existing thoughts, emotions, and knowledge in the human brain to an electronic brain that would vastly superior and virtually indestructable.
Therefore having a robot with human emotional and moral attributes

My laboratory is coming into view...I soon would know.

The body of the young man once known as Special Agent Brady, an operative for the Metropolitian International Law Enforcement Agency, lies still on the scientists' operating table. Hurriedly, checking all the instruments Prof. Genius is speaking, though as yet, there is no one to listen..."I must hurry, I have'nt got much time. Now, I will know if my electronic wave machine really works - or if it was just a dream"...
A series of switches are flipped and the low-sounding drone of the machinery comes to life as a pair of sinister-looking orbs are automatically lowered, one over the lifeless body of Brady, and the other hovering over a another form; the dull glistening of its metal surface is beginning to reflect the ever increasing illumination coming from the table where Brady lies.
As an ionic cloud begins to glow around his head, streams of energy are coming from the orb, penetrating, seeking the minute traces of the complex paths of electrical energy that comprised the very mind of the one called, Brady.

Harsh shadows are cast upon the walls of Genius' laboratory as the electronic wave machine generates flashes of blinding, blue-white light. The Professor, wearing special eye-protection from the blinding light looks on, intently, "All systems are A-OK". "Everything is working perfectly"! Then abruptly the activity over Brady ceases, a momentary silence - then erupts upon the metal-skinned form bathing it in a brilliant glow!

"And now, for the final crucial step"...a switch is thrown and a final burst of energy to activate the robot's miniature atomic pile and energize the body...but will a new concsiousness needed to animate it be there? Will it?
Slowly...the metallic body begins to sit up, move to the table's edge and stand upright; ghostly halos of light-energy still racing along its sleek form and dissipating into the surrounding air, gleefully crackling in their brief lives, before they return to the ether.

"Where am I"? "And who are you"?

The newly created 8th Man learns of his abilities.

Initially angered at having his mind transfered to a robotic body against his will, Special Agent Brady, now robot 008 strikes the very same "operating table" he came to birth upon. Not yet aware of his tremendous strength it crumbles beneath the force of his blow, completely surprising him!

Perhaps as the smoke & dust is clearing from the surrounding air, a clearing begins in newly enhanced mind of Brady and he sees his antagoziner, Prof. Genius with a look of hurt on his care-worn features, what is Professor thinking? Could I have made a mistake taking this man's life into my own hands?
I meant it only for good and he would have otherwise perished forever.
What have I done? What will he do now?

Maybe, Brady was thinking the same thing, for if not for Prof. Genius' intervention he would be gone for good. A trillion thoughts were flashing through his mind, now aided by the gift of an electronic brain. All the actions he could take from this point in his life and their logical conclusions all flashed before him in a nano-second. Only one alternative was clear, he was a police officer and sworn to uphold the law - he would listen to Professor Genius, the scientist who had created him and learn:

Prof. Genius reaches for a switch and the lights are lowered and a projection device comes to life...on the wall a cutaway diagram of the robot body is displayed on the wall; Prof. Genius begins to explain..

Prof. Genius turns to a nearby cage and produces a small bat, he then releases it into the air, as it flies about the lab it expertly avoids hitting any of the walls or other objects about the room - as Brady watches the bat, he notices a sound he hadnt heard until the bat was set free, it was queer, unlike anything he had ever heard, he glanced at Genius, who nodded back knowingly,"You're ultra-sensitive hearing is picking up the bat's sonar, you are able to detect any frequency from the infrared to X-rays and beyond"..."You could even catch that bat, if you wanted to - now catch that bat for me will you"? Brady pauses for a moment, "That's impossible". "I'd have to fly"!
Genius' retorts, "But you can fly"! "Your increased speed and anti-gravity unit will allow you to do it. Just project your thoughts on propelling yourself forward and you'll move so quickly that the bat will seem to be standing still"!
As Brady concentrates on Genius' suggestion he suddenly finds himself like in another dimension, moving faster than the human eye could possibly see, with his ultra-super-sensitive hearing homing in on the flying bat he sees it practically motionless and effortlessly plucks it out of mid-air and returns to floor. Looking at the disconcerted mammal with astonishment, Brady exclaims! "I did it"! "Its absoulutely amazing"!

"The secret", Professor Genius explains; "of your incredible speed lies in the reaction time of your electronic brain, which is many thousands of times faster than a human's"..."Try moving around this room".
Brady obeys and as soon as the thoughts eminate from his mind his new robotic body is almost instantly in the location desired, he zips from one side of the room to the other repeatedly many times, in just a couple of seconds. TO BE CONTINUED - WOULD ANYONE LIKE FOR US TO WRITE SOME MORE HERE?