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"Ask About 8th Man" is the forum to ask the webmaster
any questions about 8th Man or this website.
So feel free to email me with those inquiries, I can't guarantee to know the correct answer but I promise I will give it a shot, and your question and the response will be published here on this page, but only with your express permission.

Harold had this question:

In what 8th Man episode was the Needle Blaster introduced?

The spray needle blaster was first introduced in episode #4 The Elevator Trap. After that you see it in at least The Atomic Ghost (Black Butterfly) and also one of the Japanese-only eps Super-Human Mutants.

"dcstager" had this question for us:

I can remember only one of the episodes I saw as a child and looked for it on the guide - but I can't figure out which episode it is.

The episode was about some enemy of 8th Man making high-speed motion pictures of 8th Man to try and figure out a way to defeat him. The bad guy noticed that when attacked, 8th Man would always move to his left when escaping at high speed. It took high speed film for the guy to figure out just how 8th Man was avoiding getting shot or zapped or whatever.

Which episode might that be?

You are speaking of the scene in Episode #8 "Dr. Spectra" where he and an Intercrime boss are watching a hi-speed film of 8th Man. Spectra was showing him how his double-staged Mini-Missiles would be able to still hit 8th Man when he dodged them.

Phil G. had this question:

I grew up in the 60's watching the 8th Man cartoon.... I distinctly remember that the 8th Man got his strength from carrying special cigarettes in his belt buckle. Very similar to Popeye getting his strength from spinach. Can you please confirm this?

The "cigarettes" are 8th Man's power boosters and he just used them when he needed EXTRA ENERGY only...which is similar to the Popeye/spinach formula I suppose. A miniature atomic pile powered by nuclear fission of Uranium is 8th Man's primary power source. And yes, his energy-boosters are kept in a compartment in his belt buckle!

Phil Raza, asks, concerning a particular episode's title:


Technically no,
I used to write it that way thanks to Video Rarities, but where did the English titles come from?
Since the English titles are 99% of the time based on the narration at the beginning of each episode it should be:
Rascal Fish, the Pirate Submarine. This is the true title AND meaning, which was lost by plain carelessness.
Someone having to mark 16mm film cans or leaders probably didnt want to write all that out, so it got shortened and the people who much later did the transfer to video went by what was on the can/leader without bothering to check, or it just slipped by them.
Actually the sub is named "Rascal Fish", and the Commander of the sub is "Flounder". As a collector of film I have seen this alot, its commonplace because looking at a can of film or the reel edge you cant see all the way around to the other side, so to avoid turning the can around, long titles were shortened.
The original title wasnt that long so it was really an injustice to hack it up. Especially since it changed the meaning.
So the "Rascal Fish & HIS Pirate Sub is incorrect because that sounds like the Commander's name is "Rascal Fish" and it isn't.
In the same manner, "Icefinger the Executioner" is a shortened form of "Icefinger the Executioner from Intercrime"
On the episode pages I documented the titles exactly as on the narrations, so I caught the mistake quite by accident when I was listening carefully to the narrations for the website info. An exception to the rule is episode #1, labeled "Eight Man Appearance" on the film leader - but using the narration as a guide you would get "How I, 8th Man Came To Be" which is a really strange sounding moniker but we used this on the website because "Eight man Appearance" is actually the verbatim Japanese title for episode #1 and our episode guide focuses on the English-dubbed titles.

Another 8th Man Fan remarked:

Well, 8th man is not of Japanese appearance in the cartoon - he looks more American than anything!

I Agree! And there is good reason for that...where do you think "Armaco" is? Take a wild guess... =^____^=

"Z-MAN from Connecticut" and I had very similar wishes:

I hope that someday the whole set becomes available. I can't believe the creators let those films pass into oblivion!

Me too! But the real creators didn't - in fact in Japan, 8 Man is alive and well with a plethora of toys and other merchandise being produced, so it must be in demand.

It was everywhere else BUT Japan where 8 Man wasnt appreciated much. Not speaking of fandom but those who handled the prints...The problem of films being neglected is a BIG problem with films in general, see here:

I will admit though for a series only 40 yrs old to be so scattered to the wind that the entire series cannot be assembled is well beyond the norm! And I think this further substantiates my theory that not many English-dubbed prints were ever struck in the first place, hence not many are left.

This 8th Man fan didnt see my Complete Episode List...I guess.

Was episode #1 on the 4-volume "Video Rarities" set??

No sir, unfortunatlely it wasn't. I mention on the 8th Man Videos page, until recently only very poor copies of Episode #1 "8-Man Appearance" or "How I, 8th Man Came To Be" have been available at comic/animation conventions and from other collectors. Our DVD Volume One or VHS Voume One though have our archived film print of #1 on them, an excellent way to see #1 as it should be seen! :)

I like your web site intro - - "need a light"? What do you think of those power boosters that 8th Man uses???

The "intro" changes from time to time - but always has something to do with the "smoking" issue.

My initial reasoning about the "boosters' would be that these were provided so "Tobor" could recharge his energy in "public" without suspicion - if he ran low on energy in a public place.

But Prof. Genius told him to use them whenever he needed extra-energy, its interesting that 8th Man always runs low on energy when he is in the heat of battle - then he gets captured or something and uses the power-boosters and breaks free, like the old Popeye-Spinach formula; but Souped-up for the Chic 60's, eh?

Once when disguised as Tobor the Detective in Episode #3 "The Cruel Clown" he tried to lite-up but Jenny unwittingly takes the energy-booster away from him as they in a no-smoking area. I think 8th Man may hold the distinction as the only animated T.V. hero-type to smoke, or appear to.

Also remember it was shortly after this time that ALL cigarette advertising was banned from broadcast TV & Radio!

Chief Fumblethumbs is seen smoking cigarettes at least once also, in episode #1 and he also puffs on his pipe from time to time.

Bob had a question concerning the "last episode"...

I have read about how the series supposedly ended, according to an article in anime-zine about 14 years ago, in the last episode 8thman and ColdKnuckle are involved in a battle, and when Jenny learns who Tobor/8th man was, he can't handle it so he splits...Can you shed any light on the topic?
Also, who owns the copyright on 8th Man, does anyone know? Please fill in the blanks.

The episode that you are speaking of is called "Intercrime's Invincible Robot" and sequentially, no, it isnt the "ending" episode. When such errors get published that is what perpetuates wrong ideas about a series. Here is what really happened...

Jenny is tipped off by Dr. Spectra about the Tobor/8th Man relationship, rehearsing in her ears how you never see them both at the same time (you think she would have wondered about this on her own) and visually demonstrates to her with his new robot, Jupiter, how he can assume any indentity using the same plastic skin as 8th man. Although she doesn't want to believe this her curiousity gets the better of her and she catches Tobor changing to 8th Man. Because his cover is blown he does plan to go away, but in the end she has the recent portion of her memory erased by Prof. Genius so that Tobor can continue to his undercover work.
As far as the English-dubbed animated series is concerned there is no real ending to the 8th Man cartoon, but this would have been a good candidate for an ending.
However, in truth The last English-dubbed episode is #52 "The Savage Fish". The real "ending" episode is #56 "Super-human Mutants Pt. 2" and we missed that and 3 others because of the 13 week/season, television schedule this country has gone by for years on end. Because some stations showed 8th Man 2, 3, 4, or 5 times a week though it wouldn't have hurt to have done all 56. Originally, in Japan 8 Man was televised once a week.

The final Manga saga is titled "Majin Kozma" and details the end of the 8 Man story. Thanks to my a Japanese friend, the final saga is Now HERE on! Enjoy!

At this time 8th Man does not seem to have an active license holder - that is over the english-dubbed TV series. All other aspects are still under copyright in Japan, but that is all I know. Prince Planet an early anime produced a little later by TCJ was the property of Streamline Pictures, BUT I dont know if they are exercising the rights or licensing rights have lasped.

I think that the only place we might see 8th Man on TV anymore would a cable program like "Adult Swim" - too much smokin' and violence goin on :D



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