Some of the best episodes center around a country called, "The Republic of Armaco". This is the homeland of Prof. Genius before he defected to Japan, er..uh I mean America, of course.
As the story goes in the episode, "Samantha 007" Prof. Genius recalls to 8th Man that he made a moral decision to leave when he discovered that the government wanted to use his robot creations as part of their military's war machine. Refusing to aid them anymore he not only leaves Armaco but takes his 8th prototype robot with him much to the dismay of Armaco's leaders.

Perhaps the most dramatic episode of the 8th Man series is “The Battle of the Brothers” where Prof. Genius’ son, Ken shows up to challenge 8th Man and bring his father back to the war laboratories of Armaco. In the episode “Seven Days To Terror” - super-robot Enon X-005 comes from Armaco to retrieve a neutro-bomb stolen from them by the Black Butterfly Gang