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I was exicted to discover that Catherine "Bobbie" Byers, who was the voice of Prince Planet and Capt. Bonnie Bunny of Amazing 3 was involved in other film work. SO...I set about to obtain tapes of these movies for the fun of it! This gave me the means to create some cool pics & matching wav files - just listen, play both and compare!

So, would you believe that the person who gave us the honest and sincere voice of Prince Planet was also a "Biker Mama"??
Well, its true, at least on the silver screen anyway!

Actually, Ms. Byers is a very nice lady who I have had the privledge to correspond with and she was very gracious to provide some information for concerning the activities at Copri Films and some other interesting tidbits!

Ms. Byers
Dave, I just looked at your two websites and they are great. I loved your Copri pages, especially my stuff!
It was great fun doing the (Prince Planet) series… My favorite line: Krag, you fiend! HOWEVER I WASN’T IN 8TH MAN...that was before I crashed Copri by telling them I was a master dubber. Fortunately, it turned out I was! I dubbed Rubey’s real movies. I remember The Black Razor and some really good Japanese live action.
I love the slang he (Reuben) used in his scripts, kinda like a combination of the Stooges and lines from old gangster movies. In the PP episode “The Space Zoo” - you have these two giants one named Dr. Galagor, the other Dr. Zeen – obviously a takeoff from an old act in vaudeville days: “Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Sheen” – (not much gets past me). Great stuff.

Ms. Byers
I think Rubey was a kind of Brooklyn guy born before WWII and they sort of grew up going to the 3 Stooges every Saturday at the movies double feature for a dime!
What are your thoughts on the way the Prince would always have these Wowwie and Zowiee's scripted into the dialog?

Ms. Byers
I just read the scripts. Only rewrote if it didn’t fit the lip movement. Zowie, Pow, etc… was in the script. The most interesting thing was edited out. The older characters would have “snot balloons” coming out of their noses sort of rhythmically—sometimes to indicate sleeping or boredom. It seems the Japanese find “snot” funny!
I know where the PPPPpppppPAZOW! came from - it was in the Japanese as PPPPppppPOPI!
You just had to add the PAZOW part, right?

Ms. Byers
You are right — because dubbing means you have to say something that approximates what the mouth on the original does in terms of its shape or configuration of sounds. The P in pazow and in pppopp can only be matched with words starting with b, p, m the w in zow was what we call a cheat because the mouth needn’t move to make the intial zzzz sound.

If you’re interested in more information about Ms. Byers and her career in voice-dubbing, theater, and motion pictures then you mustn’t miss my good friend Rob Craig’s interview with her on his website
“The Wonderworld Of K. Gordon Murray!

Manny San Fernando as "Father Beanpicker"

While watching the film "Savages From Hell" I happened to notice this part near the end...the sheriff is not speaking with his own voice, this voice is dubbed in.

This voice was very familiar to my ears and I found this very same voice on the 8th Man episode: The Rocket Racers. In fact this voice is on many 8th Man and Prince Planet episodes and I truly believe it to be the voice of none other than Reuben Guberman the scriptwriter.

However, at this time the information is unconfirmed and Ms. Byers herself maintains that Mr. Guberman did not participate in providing voices for the "loops" as she told me "Ruby never dubbed any voices for PP or for Amazing 3. You’ve missed two major voices that did the stuff you attributed to Ruby et al. They are comedian Dick Sterling who was a stand-up at the Playboy Club in his day job and Frank Logan aka Frank Alocca. They were the guys who did all the bad guys not dubbed by Mark Harris".

However, the anime historian, Andy Shepard did speak with Mr. Guberman before he passed away and was told by Reuben that he did do some of the voices (at least on 8th Man) and mainly the villians, so the subject is still kinda "up in the air" for now!

Copri Films voice-dubbing personnel came from varied backgrounds from local Radio DJ's (Arnie Warren, Jerry Berke, Bob Gaynor) and theatrical people and entertainers (Mark Harris, Frank Schuller, Dick Sterling) to young college kids who were looking to hone their acting abilities and supplement their incomes! Some of them went on to achieve some small notority in the film world, so far I have only been able to dig up some facts about a few of them but its possible that others have made news somewhere doing something of note that could be documented.

"Bobbie" Byers had a couple of roles in low-budget biker movies made on location in Florida. One of these "The Wild Rebels" also starred Jeff Gillen, the voice of Pop Worthy. This movie was released at about the same time as Prince Planet was. Later in the 70's Gillen went on to act in or co-direct a number of flicks in the horror-movie genre and even played Santa Claus in "A Christmas Story" in the 80's!

Kurt Nagel who voiced Kenny Carter and AjaBaba had a small role in "Rebels" as well.

The other movie was the K. Murray production "Savages from Hell".
Also about a renegade biker gang that "lives fast and dies young", Byers played "Lucy" the biker leader's girlfriend.

Details on: THE WILD REBELS (1967; R; 90m)
"They Live for Kicks...Love for Kicks...Kill for Kicks!"
"They're the Wildest of the Wild Ones!"
"ROD--a fast-driving...fighting fool!
LINDA--their Mama...never satisfied!
FATS--hate-angry...thrill hungry!
JEETER--the leader...knows no limits!
BANJO--savage, sadistic, brutal!

Sorry, I have to say here that Fats, Jeeter, and Banjo just dont sound like "tough" names for bikers....Banjo?? LOL!

Plot: Helping the police, a guitar-toting racer goes undercover to infiltrate a biker gang.

Rod Tillman / Steve Alaimo* (Hooked Generation; Alligator Alley)
Banjo / Willie Pastrano (former boxing champ; Alligator Alley)
Jeeter / John Vella (Sting of Death; More American Graffiti)
Linda / Bobbie Byers (Savages From Hell)
Fats / Jeff Gillen (Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things)
Lt. Dorn / Walter W. Philbin (The Hooked Generation)
W. Simpson / Seymour Eisenfeld
detective / Robert Freund
gunshop owner / Art Barker (Mission Mars)
bank guard / Cosmo Lloyd
driver / Dutch Holland
second sheriff / Emil Deaton (The Hooked Generation)
first sheriff / Tom Frysinger
bartender / Milton Smith (The Hooked Generation)
Nori / Nora Alonzo (The Devil's Sisters)
first man / Phil Longo
bank teller / William P. Kelley (The Hooked Generation)
college boy / Chris Martell (The Hooked Generation)
college boys / Gary Brady, Kurt Nagel, Steve Gellar
cop / Dennis French (Rough Diamonds)
cops / Aaron Deaton, Bob Sparks, Edward Wanisko,
Jamie Hickson, and Nick Bontempo

Jeff Gillen Filmography:
The Wild Rebels (1967) Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things
Deranged (1974) - directed by Jeff Gillen and Alan Ormsby