8th MAN TV for the ATOMIC AGE!!

Yesterdayland.com - WAS best in Retro-TV and more! I saved all the 8th Man memories from Yesterdayland to publish here, wished I had just used "View Source" its a formatting nightmare!

World's Best Comics and ToysIf you are looking for vintage TV toons or Toys you will probably find it at Dave's site!

Glen Johnson's 60's Anime Overall most informative site on the Old School, gotta check this one out!!

Roberto Nogueira's 8º Homem - You have to see this site...Use the link for Portuguese OR you can translate it to English Here: Babel-Fish
Just paste the URL: http://www.geocities.com/betoeitoman
in the Website field and use the "drop-down menu to select the desired translation engine!

The Republic Of Armaco Super site with very intuitive and sleek interface that gets you where you wanna go! Tons of Japanese links to explore!

Phantoma & 8th Man Page: Great site with tape trading as well!

El Octavo Hombre - El Octavo Hombre es un súper robot creado por el profesor Genio..
Go there if you want to know more!

Tobor - A lot of production info here.

Toonarific - well...the name says it all, doesnt it?

Toontracker - A site with all the cartoon .wavs you could ever ask for!

DJ's TV Toons - another WebShrine to our Hero!

Go HERE and watch Episode #6 Gold Striker, online!... or is that Goldshrinker? well whatever!

8th MAN | Base de datos Televicio - Another Spanish? Web-Shrine

How Much Money do YOU have to burn on 8th Man stuff?

Tobor is alive and well and posting on the Internet, really!

I cant read much here but it looks OK.

Short but to the point -