Production Info and Voice Talent

Provided by Kelly Lannan...(edited somewhat by me)
Kum Kum was a Japanese series, animated by Sunrise for ITC Japan. It was subsequently bought by Paramount for import to the U.S., but was dubbed in Australia using Aussie actors and facilities. However, no proof of Kum Kum being televised in the U.S. has been found by this website. Some Americans report seeing Kum Kum on Canadian T.V. stations but not American stations. Undoubtedly, the "nudity factor" -- content that hardly struck the Japanese creators or their audiences as risque, was unacceptable to the censors Out West.

Paramount recorded them in Australia using a cast of Australians, and Australian technical crew. It's not certain, but possibly it was around the time [or not long after] Hanna Barbera established their animation studios operations in Australia, so the film and audio facilities were becoming available. The man who supervised the recording of the voices (he got a director credit on Kum Kum) was Phil Judd, who I believe is related to voice actor Noel Judd. Phil now runs his own audio engineering company in Sydney called Philmsound. He's worked on all the major Aussie films over the years. He even worked on the old live action Skippy series too if I recall, so he's been around for that long.

The other guy responsible for recording the voices was Phil Heywood, who again has been a stalwart in the sound recording industry, working on all the big titles produced in Australia for the past 25 years, (most recently he worked on both the first Lord of the Rings movie and the woeful Crocodile Hunter movie). All the voice talent were Australians and have worked in a lot of the vintage Aussie drama stuff we know so well (Homicide, Number 96, Spyforce, etc etc.....). They're also the well-known voices behind many of the best-loved Aussie animated Yoram Gross movies like the Dot movies and Blinky Bill.

Thanks Kelly...I guess all that will mean much more to you Australians out there... Blinky Bill?!?

English Dub Credits

Executive Producer – BANJIRO UEMURA
Script Supervisor – NOEL JUDD
Recordist/Mixer – PHIL HEYWOOD
Post-Production Co-ordinator – SANTO L. BERNARDO
Assistant Film Editor – AL PEREZ
Titles – CFI
Director/Producer – PHIL JUDD
Post Production Advisor – MIKE POLICARE
Paramount Production Executive – BRUCE GORDON
Japanese Credits

Author: Madoka Akitsu
Director: Rin Taro
Script Writer: Eichii Tachi / Isao Okishima / Keisuke Fujikawa
Character Design: Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
Backgrounds: Katsunari Nakaba
Music: Masahiro Uno
Company: Sunrise Studio LTD.
Year: 1975/76

September 1972
SUNRISE STUDIO LTD. was established.
In collaboration with SOUEI-SHYA. (Aired from October 5, '72 to March 29, '73)
In collaboration with SOUEI-SHYA (Aired from October 1, '73 to June 17, '74)
In collaboration with SOUEI-SHYA (Aired from June 24 '74 to December 30)
In collaboration with TOUHOKUSHINSHYA (Aired from April 4 '75 to March 26, '76)
In collaboration with SOUEI-SHYA (Aired from April 4 '75 to December 26 '75)
In collaboration with SOUEI-SHYA (Aired from October 3 '75 to March 26 '76)

Episode Synopsis

01) Catching the Clouds

Are the clouds fluffy and warm like a rabbit’s fur -- or cold and stiff like the Wise One’s beard? Kum Kum and Littlerock are going to climb the Fire Mountain and find out! But an oncoming storm of uncommon fierceness is on the way. When Strongarm and Jumbo discover where the boys are headed they follow to rescue them from disaster! Will they reach them in time?

02) The Ostrich Egg

Kum Kum’s stick throwing contest with Littlerock becomes a real mess…when Kum’s stick hits a hornet’s nest. Angered at being disturbed the bees sting nearly everyone in the village…except Kum Kum! Strongarm is angry because Kum will not feel sorry or apologze to the people. Feeling responsible for his son’s actions he goes in search of an elusive prize: an ostrich egg, which according to the Wise One can help the bee stings. Adventure and danger awaits father and son on this incredible quest!

03) The Sea Folk

Every year the folk from the Sea come to the mountains to trade and barter their goods with the Mountain People. This year Kum meets a new hearthrob in Karo, the daughter of Fisher, leader of the Sea Folk. Encouraged by Karo and also excited at the prospect of the untamed Sea and adventure beyond the Mountains, Kum Kum asks Fisher to take him with them when they return to the sea. But when Strongarm refuses a contest is made where the winner takes the boy. Will Kum Kum return to the Sea with them if Strongarm is defeated in battle with Fisher?

04) The Rainbow Fish

It was a uneventful day until Butterfly spotted the fish…a huge fish that looks like a Rainbow. When the children see him they decide to catch the Rainbow Fish. Despite Dark-Eye’s warning and the eminent threat of a scolding from his mother, Flora and beating from his poppa, Strongarm -- Kum Kum and his friends work hard to catch the enormous Rainbow Fish that lives in the Deep River. Can the feisty Rainbow Fish be captured?

05)Roman Returns

Roman, the Wise One's wandering son returns to the village after many years. To help him want to stay the children attempt to build Roman a house of his own, as he and his father do not get along well. But trouble begins to brew when the kids decide to furnish Roman's new place with the things they take from other people's homes...without asking!

06) Ashes From the Sky

The Fire Mountain unexpectedly erupts covering the village and surrounding area with a huge amount of fine volcanic ash. But will this event endanger the harvest and the livehood of the Mountain Folk? Who would have guessed in an unlikely turn of events that the Cheeky Squeakies provide the answer to the village’s predicament?

07) The Rabbit

A friendly rabbit whom the children name, Little Bun becomes their new pet and playmate! Until a tragedy occurs that everyone learns a valuable lesson from.

08) Sundial

A geyser of super-heated water from the Fire Mountain has the village concerned. Several people have been caught unexpectedly in the burning shower and injured, and the safety of the children has the adults concerned. However, quite by accident Kum Kum discovers a new thing: a way to tell time and accurately predict the eruption of the geyser.

09) The Necklace

In this touching love-story, Jumbo waxes poetic when he thinks of the beauty of Kum Kum's sister, Wildflower. However, while Wildflower is very flattered and enjoying all this attention…her heart only belongs to Roman, the Wise One’s son. Even the Wise One thinks that Jumbo’s prose is so good – it should be carved on one of his stone tablets to be preserved. Both Wildflower and Jumbo are excited about the prospect. Suddenly though, Jumbo changes his mind about the whole thing. What happened?

11) Saurus The Coward

Kum Kum is curious as to where Saurus, the Brontosaurus who lives in the lake comes from. His parents do not know. Saurus has been around for as long as they or even their grandparents could remember! Wildflower’s idea (mostly cuz she wants to see Roman) is to bring a present to the Wise One so he will tell them all about Saurus. After hearing his tale of Saurus’ fierceness, Littlerock doubts if it is true and the question of whether or not Saurus is really cowardly is tested when Kum Kum throws stones at Saurus to get him angry. Merely annoyed, he lumbers off but when Karoo the Hunter and his Men show up the children realize Saurus is in great danger. Can they save him from Karoo and his Men? Or will something totally unexpected happen in the end?

14)Little Poppa

While Strongarm is off with his friends on a hunting trip, Kum Kum is now head of household! Protecting the family and helping the men of village keep Little Poppa very busy – and hungry too. But after a hard blizzard and the men have not returned from the hunt – the people become worried that they might be lost or worse! When he hears the news, Kum sets off on a dangerous find his Poppa!

15) The Elephant Tusk

Ever competitive, the two boys Kum Kum and Littlerock are involved in a game of hammer-throwing when a secret cave is discovered! Inside the cave is a huge tusk and when the boys drag it out Strongarm tells the tale of the Elephant Tusk and how he fought the beast many years ago, and how the event led to finding of his true love, Flora. Inspired by the tale, and also egged on by the taunts of his sister Wildflower, Kum sets off North of the village to make a name for himself hoping to stalk and slay a Mammoth like his father did when he was young. But will he find the game he seeks or something else? And will the Name he makes for himself be something grand and glorious or more like ??? ^___^

17) Saurus Disappears

Poor Saurus is not getting any younger! When the children try to coax him into doing a “handstand” he fails and falls in a crumpled green heap! Disgusted and sore, Saurus slinks back into his lake – that night Saurus keeps Kum and his family awake with his mournful cries, but the next day he seems to have vanished completely. When they ask help from the Wise One, its not good news…he tells the kids that when a saurus gets old they will to go to the Graveyard of Beasts to die but they don’t believe the old man. Following his tracks the kids travel through deep woods, across perilous rapids, and cross a burning desert – then to their amazment, Saurus’ tracks lead them to the eeriest place they have ever seen...the Graveyard of Beasts!

18) The Killer Bear

While looking for his Poppa on a snowy hillside Kum Kum has a close encounter with a ferocious black bear which clearly has an injured eye. When he tells Strongarm about it, his father becomes very serious - after many years One-eye, the beast that killed his best friend has returned. Determined to avenge his friend, Strongarm sets off with Kum with him to track down One-eye and kill him.

23) Three Black Crows

It is sowing time in the village and everyone is out in the fields to help. When Kum and his friends are also drafted into the activities, three pesky crows eat up all the seed and make them look bad. For this the children vow revenge against the crows, but during Kum Kum and the kids' schemes for vengence, who will suffer the most...the crows, Kum Kum, or the people of the village? When his Poppa blows his top will Kum get locked the in wood cave permanently!!? This one is great fun!

Quick Reviews (until I have more time)
#10 - Search for a Student: Since Roman has no desire to follow in the scholarly footsteps of the Wise One, Kum Kum is chosen to be the Wise One's protege.

#12 The Snow Fly: Bumbles Grandma, Granny Apple tells a spooky story of the Winter god who turns people into dead trees, Kum and Butterfly following the Snow Flys become lost in the Reed Desert and wind up in a vale of Dead Trees much like the old tale! OOOooo Scary! #13 Grotto the Wizard: When an unknown "beast" terrorizes the villagers, the mysterious Grotto comes to their rescue. Showing his great powers he agrees to kill the "beast" -- but for a price: they must make Grotto their leader if he succeeds! Strongarm and the Wise One are skeptical but can do nothing. But Roman finds the proof to expose the crafty Grotto for what he is!
#16 Good-Bye Forever: Kum Kum at his naughtiest, poor Strongarm just cant catch Kum or seem to make him mind. Kum runs away from home and lives outside for a while - maybe some other plot thread but I cant recall at the moment :) #19 The Challenge: Roman, while innocently clearing land for planting crops, destroys all of Butterfly's favorite spring flowers. The gang becomes so incensed at Roman's disregard they start to harass poor Roman to death! Kum and the kids do not let up and finally send Roman a Challenge to meet Kum one on one in battle.
In trying his best to not harm Kum, Roman not only gets his pride hurt but just about everything else to boot! Ouch!
#20 The Monster: Spring is in the air and the village is having their annual feast on the Table Rock. This year the kids are putting on a play. Jumbo is playing the part of a large hairy Monster, but wait, is that Jumbo or a real Monster on stage? Wacky fun.
#21 The Cheeky Squeakies Declare War: The normally passive Squeakies go on the rampage, raiding in large groups and breaking in and stealing the villagers property, and going nuts in general. While following one of them thru the forest, Kum and Littlerock stumble across a Squeaky who can speak to them! And also a centuries old secret deep under the earth! #22 The Switch: Kum Kum and Butterfly switch places but the grass doesn't turn out to be greener on the other side of the fence after all. #24 Old Mother Dark Eyes: The kids find a basket full of abandoned babies and Dark Eyes gets to play subsitute Mama.
#25 The Broken Heart: Roman decides he cannot settle down in the village and leaves breaking poor Wildflower's heart. Kum won't stand for such treatment of his sister and vows to bring Roman back so he follows him to a Gypsy encampment but there they learn of a wicked plan to harm a nearby village...their own village! #26 The Wedding: Roman, who has returned asks Strongarm for Wildflower's hand in marriage, but the stubborn Strongarm refuses. Wildflower gets upset and leaves home to run away with Roman. After some deep thought and also several drinks with the Wise One, Strongarm has a change of heart, or he is too drunk to care! Fun episode with the marriage of Wildflower and Roman, and the famous runaway Ox ride that ends up crashing into Dark Eyes hut, destroying it. Kum Kum of course is nabbed by his Poppa and thrown straight in the Wood Cave...right where he was when the series begun.

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