Wanpaku Omukashi Kum Kum

("Naughty Prehistoric Kum Kum" or Kum Kum the Menace)

Kum Kum was an early effort (anime #6) of the now legendary Japanese animation studio: Sunrise Inc. Produced in collaboration with SOUEI-SHYA, Kum Kum aired in Japan from October 3 1975 to March 26 1976 for a run of only 26 episodes.

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This is the tale of Kum Kum...

a kind of prehistoric "Dennis the Menace" who lived long ago.
He and his family and friends belonged to a tribe a Mountain People who lived and hunted and farmed high in the hills near the Fire Mountain.

It was a comedy series earmarked by infectious chibi-cuteness mixed with the pathos of every-day prehistoric life. The storylines revolved around the adventures of Kum Kum (pronounced coom-coom) and his young friends. Kum Kum has a real knack for getting himself (and the other kids) in trouble and thats what makes the series fun!

The list of countries where Kum Kum was televised continues to grow! It was dubbed into English and shown in Great Britain, Canada, Australia. We also know Kum Kum was dubbed in Spanish for Mexico and Central America, and in French to be televised in France! It was a big hit in parts of Brazil, dubbed to Portuguese. New Kum Kum sightings include: Caribbean Islands, Bangladesh, West Indies, & Jakarta, Indonesia (in the early 1980's in the English dubbed version). Thanks Kum Kum fans for this info!

Tell us where YOU saw Kum Kum! If Kum Kum was aired in the States and you know about it, and have some info please email us! (So far, folks in the U.S.A. have only seen the program on Canadian TV).

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This is the Complete English-Dub Kum Kum Episode List
...100% accurate!

#01 Catching the Clouds
#02 The Ostrich Egg
#03 The Sea Folk
#04 The R a i n b o w Fish
#05 Roman Returns
#06 Ashes from the Sky
#07 The Rabbit
#08 The Sundial
#09 The Necklace
#10 The Search for a Student #11 Saurus the Coward
#12 Snow Fly
#13 Grotto the Wizard
#14 Little Poppa
#15 Elephant Tusk

#16 Good-bye Forever
#17 Saurus Disappears
#18 The Killer Bear
#19 The Challenge
#20 The Monster
#21 Cheeky Squeakies Declare War
#22 The Switch
#23 Three Black Crows
#24 Old Mother Dark Eyes
#25 The Broken Heart
#26 The Wedding

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Kum Kum is the star of the show & he is always getting into trouble! As punishment he spends time the wood cave. He seems to wind up in there alot!

Although outnumbered by the boys, she is really the boss!

He is Jumbo's brother. Littlerock and Kum are usually arguing about something, anything and everything!

Bumbles...well, every Japanese cartoon seems to have a character like this, like his name says he is the clumsy, goofy one! Aww Shucks!

He is Kum Kum’s father and the leader of the Mountain People. Generally, a laid back fellow who enjoys a drink now and then, and another, and another... but watch out when he blows his top!

The Wise One is well, the wisest in the village...But the kids call him, Old Fossil and nasty man among other things!

Littlerock’s older brother....A mountain of a man but also very gentle!

Butterfly’s mother she doesnt care for Kum too much and believes Ol' Dark Eye's bogus predications to a fault.

Poor Wildflower! not only is she bratty Kum Kum’s sister, but also in love with Roman who doesn't seem too interested.

The Wise One's son, he can't get along with his father. He returns to the village after wandering several years.

Village soothsayer, fortune teller and portent of doom, the adults really believe her prognostications, but not the kids, they love to tease her though.

Kum's little brother - my, doesn't he have a big mouth...All the better to tattle on Kum Kum with!

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