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Greetings, fellow collectors of Vintage Anime!
Those who desire to build a better vintage Anime collection, come to us because that is what we specialize in! has the finest and most Rare & Hard to find Vintage anime series and episodes. Just Browse our online lists...if you want only the very best you need look no further.

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The Amazing 3
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EMAIL - Anime Archive

Now available our English-Dubbed Amazing 3 episodes on DVD - (All VHS have been discontinued).

Amazing 3 episodes are very rare.This is due to a very limited amount of sources, see our A3 website for more info.

NEW A3 ARRIVALS: Uncovered from the past...Volume One - Five episodes of VERY GOOD quality are now available!! Better than anything we have seen to date!

The Amazing 3/ Wonder 3 Japanese Episodes

#01 Outer Space Three
#02. Escape In 24 Hours
#03. Secret Of Shangri-La
#04. The Camphor Tree Story
#37. Mystery Of The Amazon
#38. Ski For Terror
#39. Hero In The Desert
#00. Special: Pilot episode where the bunny and duck look different.

See our Amazing Three website for more info!


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