All 8Store video titles are derivative works of production materials created before 1978, or to have originated from international sources without current domestic licensing in the U.S.

English-dubbed typically means film/ video productions of international origin which were modified for broadcast in English-speaking countries by the addition of new voice and/or music tracks, possible intro/outro filmwork or animation, music/vocal scores and identifying bumpers etc. In cases when these additional works have no identifiable ownership or licensee, they have often fallen into the public domain. We offer to reproduce them basically with a fee for our services, equipment use and materials used such as blank media.

After thorough research, no rights owner or license holder has been identified for these English-dubbed properties. We currently offer this material in the form of derivative works -- these are episode compilations arranged by us from various rare video media and also produced by us from unique film source media.

Video is provided on a collector-to-collector basis for private home use only with no rights given or implied. Titles are not offered for sale to video stores or retail outlets of any kind.

If you are an authorized rights owner or current licensor of the English-dubbed version of any title we offer, we will remove this title at your request provided that written legal proof of such ownership or licensing is presented to us. However, frivolous claims and/or presenting removal requests backed by expired licenses, fictitious or falsified documentation of ownership etc. will be considered libel on the part of the requestor and also attempted disruption of our legal business operations.

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