Studio Eight
A Pictorial Guide to Bringing Vintage Anime into the 21st Century

We would like to share some info so people gain a better understanding of what we do and how we can help build a Better vintage anime collection. We love what we do and enjoy helping folks however we can!

We have searched for years to dig up the rarest vintage anime episodes on videotape and we constantly upgrade our videos, and more importantly, we are 16mm film collectors and own much of the rare source media we use. These films are media of unsurpassed quality, and we possess technical expertise and professional equipment at Studio Eight. Most people have never seen the potential of the VHS format because all they have seen are rental tapes or videos recorded on consumer-quality camcorders. Also in the 21st Century the public demand for video on the DVD medium continues to increase and we are endeavoring to meet those needs, our 8th Man series is now available on DVD.

We will go on record to say here that "DVD" is not synonymous with "quality" and the sad fact is DVDs made from poor quality tapes are poor. Some rare episodes are only available on mediocre dubs, but fortunately by our perseverance to upgrade our archive, we have few of those anymore.

16mm Film inspection, cleaning, repairing station

Most 60's anime is nearly 40 years old. Back in those days the source media for ALL these shows was 16mm film. Since then fans & collectors have kept them alive by rounding up what surviving films they could and making videotapes.
Now, this has been going on since the VCR was introduced about 20-25 yrs ago. Shortcomings of VHS are only compounded when these fan-produced or "convention" tapes are copied again and again into multi-generations. Understand also these tapes were made by folks with different levels of expertise under various conditions with various equipment, so even the master tapes just are not broadcast quality. We have seen it all, some episodes, unfortunately are only available as dubs. However, the good news is by searching far and wide we have upgraded most of our archive so there are very few poorer quality dubs in our archive now. We can provide you detailed information on the condition of any available episode if so desired.

Two factors: Source Media and Production Values insure that you get the best from us!

First: We master using a professional aerial-image film-to-video transfer system that utilizes a flat-field lens and condenser. What this means is no "grain" is introduced into the video from the transfer and the image is perfectly "flat" - no undesirable curvature or distortions that are typical in lesser quality film-to-video transfers. The result is a high-quality master that has no different appearance than the best television broadcasts and is actually even better!

Transfering Prince Planet film to videotape

Second: VHS tapes are prepared with Panasonic Professional/Broadcast equipment recorded only at the SP record speed -- this means your dubs are about as good as our originals! Acquiring material for your anime collection from us is a decision you'll be glad you made!

In Japan almost all old anime is available on digital media: DVDs and Laserdisc. There is no rarity or mystery surrounding it, the old is just as common as the new. Not so, however for their English-dubbed counterparts in the Western world. Old B/W titles have fallen into obscurity and nearly vanished, the old original anime that the Japanese view as cultural icons have been largely dismissed in the USA as quirky curiosities of the past. The source media has been scattered and Big Media sees little or no profit in reviving them even if they have the source films. So except for a few of the Color productions of the 1960's the bulk of the shows remain "underground".

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