Join Deputy Dawg & the Sherriff as they
try in vain to keep Muskie and Vince
out of the always-tempting Hen House.

Six side-spliting episodes:

National Spoof Day
Aig Plant
Creek Mud Monster
Duped Deputy
Home Cookin'
Lynx the Jinx
A truly Revolutionary man - Follow the
fun & educational adventures of the
one and only Hector Heathcote!

Six entertaining episodes:

The First Telephone
High Flyer
Land Grab
Train Terrain
Hold the Fort!
Valley Forge Hero
Hector Heathcote DVD
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Deputy Dawg DVD
The Amazing 1960's Series on 6 DVDs
Innovative, Bold animation combined with excellent writing made the first
Lone Ranger cartoon a legend in it's own time.

If you remember this one...or you have never watched it it's a must see!
Price includes inkjet printed discs (as pictured) .
True-to-life wonderful rotoscoped animation
made this series stick in the heads of every 70's & 80's
cartoon enthusiast. All 36 episodes ready to swing into
your living room so you can relive the adventures of
Tarzan Lord of the Jungle!
See full episode list
See full episode list
Lone Ranger 6 DVD Set
Tarzan 6 DVD Set
Join Hercules, Newton,Tewt and the lovely Helena as
they battle the forces of evil in ancient Greece.

Certainly one of most exciting cartoon phenomena
of the Early Sixties, now own it on a durable DVD.

Excellent Quality video
(these pics are all actual screen
with eye-popping color all presented in the
original episode sequence to preserve the series

You'll appreciate the painstaking attention to detail.IIntelligent
and Easy to Navigate DVD Motion Menus.  Amazing graphics
and memorable tunes from the series add the "special
touch" that make "The Mighty Hercules"
DVDs a great value, a desirable collector's item
and super addition to any 60's cartoon collection!
Newton says:
Keep Checking Back....
More to Come, More to Come!
Mighty Hercules DVD Vol. 1
Hercules Comes to Earth                
Hercules Saves the Kingdom                 
Kidnapped by Wilamene
Hercules vs. Teron the Evil Spirit  
Hercules vs. the Hydra                 
Hercules and the Stolen Ring        
Daedalus Kidnaps Helena     
Theft of the Royal Seal  
Double Trouble                                
Hercules Rescues Timon                
The Chair of Forgetfulness
The Strength Potion                        
Hercules vs. the Sidious Bird Beast
Pegasus Kidnapped                        
The Invisible Potion  
V.1 The First 15 Exciting Episodes!
Amazing 3 and Super 6
Complete Spectreman on DVD
Daedulas says:         Aye, the actual screen
captures on this page look great but wait till
you see us in action, eh Dido?....Meow!

Medusa's Scepter  
Search for the Golden Apples
The Thieving Bird Hoard         
Daedalus Becomes a Giant  
The Stolen Treasure
The Cure
The Thunderbolt Disc
The Sun Diamond of Helios
Hercules Lends a Hand
The Defiant Mask of Vulcan
The Golden Goblet
The Lexas Lagoon
Helena Cries Wolf
The Silver Arrows
The Cave of Death
Mighty Hercules DVD Vol. 2
Now Available, V.2 ~ More Mighty Hercules!

Super President - The Return of the Vikings, Electronic Giant
Spy Shadow - Dead End Express

Super Bwoing - the only Superhero who flies on a guitar and sounds strangely like actor, James
- Coldpinky, Don’t Gloat Red Coat, Think Little, Thunder-8-Ball,
Elevator Man - Dragnet move over, puts Joe Friday to shame! - Down Please, The Shapoor
Caper, The Mummy Caper
The Brothers Matzoriley - what you get with Three Heads on One body...a million laughs!    
Ruin & Board, Jolly Green Gorilla, Heau-Beau Jest, No Biz Like Shmoe Biz
Super Scuba - Whale Of A Tale
BONUS EPISODES! - good quality
Dirty Pierre, High Moon, Moby Richard, Molehatten Island, Mayor-Go Round
Magento Man - British crimefighter w/ a magnetic personsality!
London Britches Falling Down, Will The Real Magneto Man Please Stand Up?
Granite Man - Cement Mixup
Yup you get
all this for a

Super Six
The Super 6 / Super President DVD
w/ Super Bwoing and Many More!

DVD Menu Navigation!

Also includes
The Brothers Matzoriley and Spy Shadow too. These are some of the
funniest cartoons we have ever seen. You will howl for hours!

You get 15 episodes, for $30.00 plus 8 bonus eps whatta deal!
(episodes will not be in this order)