This "Motion Menu" sequence is the first menu and allows you to
choose between a Play All function or navigating to the Episode Menu.
It is actually a short video we created and will "loop" until you make a
selection. You will also hear cool Background music from the actual
series while this menu is visible on screen.  
The pictures speak for themselves... As you can see we did not spare any effort to make these Spectreman DVDs the
definitive standard that other sets can only hope to aspire to. That's because we do things the way we would want them for
ourselves, not just something thrown together to sell in mass quantities at some cheap "online auction" site -- sure, those
cheapo discs have their place but not if you want the very best you can get!

These are just a few of the Main Episode Menus and sub menus you will see when you get the entire series. You will also hear
various audio clips from Spectreman in all the menus! Many of the images are links to other menu pages full of informative and
fun bits - and some are actually video clips that do different stuff, (we don't want to tell you everything and spoil the fun! :)
It might have been enough just to make menus that looked pretty and got you where you wanted go. But we wanted
to do something out of the ordinary, something to surprise and delight you... And that's the difference!
These exclusive menus are only available from us.
Get an eyeful of what could be playing in YOUR home
when you get these incredible DVDs! User friendly and
packed with lots of FUN special features that you
are going to love!

To enhance your viewing pleasure of the best
Spectreman videos around!