Marumiya Food Product 8th Man
Promotional Package
Super-Jetter transparent children's tote
vintage! circa 1965
Hurry we only have three mint
unopened boxes available! $30.00
In the above described previously owned
condition an absolute steal at: $150.00
Super-Jetter children's "sound book"
by Kodama Books
vintage! circa 1965
Missing Sonosheet (record) otherwise
complete and in very good condition -
Special price $50.00
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From the original
sponsors of the 8
Man TV show in
Japan this is a
very kool little

The packets
contain something
they eat in Japan,
Don't ask me what
it is. ^___^
Each small box
has five colofully
illustrated packets
and a different
small 8 Man
is the main reason
for buying this,
unless you wanna
try eating it!
Who is Super-Jetter?
Good question, but he
was popular in Japan
enough to have this
awesome kid's tote
bag made in his
The clear vinyl has yellowed
somewhat but the color
transfer is still bright and
fresh. A rare and vintage
piece of early Japan anime
memorabilia that you
just don't see often! Home