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Amazing 3 and Super 6
Complete Spectreman on DVD
1-5 - Space Hijackers (Solar Mirror)
6-10 - The Little People
11-15 - The Wizard of Eden (rare)
16-20 - Incident of the Loud Planet
21-25 - Expedition to a New Moon
146-150 - Power Failure
151-155 - Scratch One Chimp
156-160 - Red Alert
161-165 - The Day The Earth Went Dark
166-170 - The Queen of the Three Suns
26-30 - Cosmic Combat
31-35 - The Gladiators
36-40 - The Light Barrier
61-65 - There Goes Danny – B/W
41-44 - The Slave World
171-175 - Once Upon a Rainbow
176-180 - Welcome, Neighbor
181-185 - Space Angel Meets a Devil (p)
186-190 - Top Secret (p)
191-195 - How to Win a Space Race Without Really Trying
196-200 - The Gold City Blues (p)
201-205 - The Not So Mythical Beast (p)
206-210 - Count Down (p)
211-215 - The Abominable Moon Man (p)
216-220 - Dr. Kinkaid, I Presume (p)
221-225 - Crisis in Orbit (p)
231-235 - Take Me to Your Leader (p)
241-245 - The National Bank Chase
251-255 - Gopher Broke (p)
256-260 - Conflict Nola (p)
MORE Space Angels - many RARE eps
(some are poorer (P)

121-125 - Cosmic Search (p)
126-130 - The Plot (p)
131-135 - Name, Rank, and Serial Number (p)
136-140 - Crystal's Anti Boy Friend (p)
141-145 - They Went That A'Way
101-105 - Project Hero
106-110 - The Frozen Planet
226-230 - The Great Plain Robbery
236-240 - The Ghost and Crystal Mace
51-54 - BONUS: The Saucer Caper (missing last episode)
Complete Sagas! ~ Now 9 Volumes ~ Lots to Choose From  
Complete Space Angel episodes have been difficult to obtain as it takes five, 5 minute
segments make a complete story. We have gathered together all the Space Angel collector's
videos seen on this page to compile all but 46 of the 260 total episodes that were produced!

All DVDs have User-friendly navigational menus for your convenience. Be aware the poorer
quality episodes are from amateurish film transfers and have some flicker and shortcomings in
image quality as seen in the sample captures. Poor quality episodes are marked with a (p) all
others are very good to excellent in image/audio quality!
This is one of the largest collections available so acquire these rare Space Angel videos today.
Scott McCloud
Space Angel DVD Vol. 1
$ 24.95
Space Angel DVD Vol. 2
$ 24.95
Space Angel DVD Vol. 3
$ 24.95
Space Angel DVD Vol. 4
Space Angel DVD Vol. 5
Space Angel DVD Vol. 6
Space Angel DVD Vol. 7
Space Angel DVD Vol. 8
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Space Angel DVD Set
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$ 149.99
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Ned Lefevre - Scott McCloud
Margaret Kerry - Crystal Mace
Hal Smith - Taurus, Crater Eddie,
The Chief and dozens of other voices!

Space Angel was the second animated
series by Cambria Studios after they finished
Clutch Cargo. Storyboards and Art Direction
by the talented Alex Toth gave Space Angel a
bold and detailed look despite the limited
animation of the production. To produce
inexpensive children's television, Cambria
incorporated the technique of using many
still drawings -- letting "live action" camera
motion and effects take the place of a costly
multitude of animated cels. That along with
Edwin Gillett's "Synchro-VOX" process of
superimposing live action lips on the
character's faces allowed a small crew to get
more finished productions "in the can" with
economy that boasted nearly one-fifth the
budget typically spent on other animated
productions of the time period!

But what Space Angel may have lacked in it's
visuals (tho we think they are great) it took up
the slack many times over with it's excellent
plots and intriguing and exciting storylines.

Fans of Space Angel have taken notice that
before a certain Scotsman was Chief
engineer of the Starship Enterprise -- that
Taurus, also hailing from Scotland rode the
spaceways with the Space Angel in their swift
craft, the Starduster. Oh, but the similarities
don't stop there...Things like a planet of
Romans that force the crew of the Starduster
to fight as Gladiators in the arena, creatures
that need salt to live and fight to obtain it, or
powerful beings found floating frozen in deep
You'll find it all and much more in...
45-50 - The Exiles
55-60 - Visitor From Outer Space
61-65 - Rescue Mission
116-120 - The Donavan Plan
All NEW Volume
Excellent Quality!

Space Angel DVD Vol. 9
$ 24.95
Attention People of Earth!!
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