Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot
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Rating: From various LD & videotape sources.
Video and audio overall excellent for series age.
Digitization: Excellent, natural high motion
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Format: Interactive menu
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Volume 1
Ep 1 - 4
Volume 2
Ep 5 - 8
Volume 3
Ep 9 - 12
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Spectreman DVD Set # 2
Volumes 6 - 10
Volume 5
Ep 17 - 20
Spectreman DVD Set # 3
Volumes 11 - 15
Volume 6
Ep 21 - 24
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Ep 34 - 37
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Volume 10
Ep 38 - 41
Rating: From various digital & videotape sources.
Video and audio overall excellent for series age.
Digitization: Excellent, natural high motion
reproduction, clean picture.
Format: Interactive menu
Volume 11
Ep 42 - 45
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Volume 12
Ep 46 - 49
Note: if these episode names look unfamiliar to you be assured these are
the same Spectreman episodes you know and love.

We have merely changed the names so they more pertinent with actual
episode content and the English language and they are shorter too! This is
how the episodes are listed on our DVDs.
Volume 13
Ep 50 - 54
Spectreman Episode Guide
1. Assignment: Earth
2. The Horror of Hedron
3. The Fury of Dr. Gori
4. The Hunt for Spectreman
5. Pollution People Pt. 1
6. Pollution People Pt. 2
7. The Monster Roach Pt. 1
8. The Monster Roach Pt. 1
9. Beware the Giant Rat Pt. 1
10. Beware the Giant Rat Pt. 2
11. The Trashman Pt. 1
12. The Trashman Pt. 2
13. Return of Hedron Pt. 1
14. Return of Hedron Pt. 2
15. Magnatron Pt. 1
16. Magnatron Pt. 2
17. The Sky Whale Pt. 1
18. The Sky Whale Pt. 2
19. The Monstrous Termite Pt. 1
20. The Monstrous Termite Pt. 2
21. The Zunohman Pt. 1
22. The Zunohman Pt. 2
23. Danger in the Streets Pt. 1
24. Danger in the Streets Pt. 2
25. Grand Double Operation Pt. 1
26. Grand Double Operation Pt. 1
27. Dr. Gori's Monster Match
28. The Killer Salamander
29. The Blind Warrior
30. Terror from the Sea
31. Danger at the Lighthouse
32. Triple Headed Threat
33. Oil Field Emergency
34. Menace from the Moon Pt. 1
35. Menace from the Moon Pt. 2
36. Birth of the Monster Squad
37. The Secret Base of Dr. Gori
38. The Egyptian Invader
39. Web of Despair
40. The Hunt for Matanadon
41. The Magmasaurus
42. Sun Mask Pt. 1
43. Sun Mask Pt. 2
44. The Cosmic Vampire Pt. 1
45. The Cosmic Vampire Pt. 2
46. The Frog People Pt. 1
47. The Frog People Pt. 2
48. Operation Ultra Genius Pt. 1
49. Operation Ultra Genius Pt. 2
50. The Egorians Pt. 1
51. The Egorians Pt. 2
52. Monster Movers!
53. The Deadly Computer Pt. 1
54. The Deadly Computer Pt. 2
55. The Lone Comet Pt. 2
56. The Lone Comet Pt. 2
57. The Space Witch
58. Spectreman vs. The Phantom Monster
59. Operation Genocide Pt. 1
60. Operation Genocide Pt. 2
61. Carnival of Monsters
62. 2.5 Seconds to Danger
63. The Final Battle
Volume 14
Ep 55 - 58
Volume 15
Ep 59 - 63
Johnny Sokko Episode Guide
We are especially fond of this show because it features some of the same voice talent heard
in 8th Man, Prince Planet, and Amazing Three! Featuring the voice of "Prince Planet" --
Catherine "Bobby" Byers as the boy Johnny Sokko, a kid who solely controls "Giant Robot" the
only one who can save Earth from the treacherous Emperor Guillotine.  Also with Kurt Nagle
& narrated by Jerry Burke, the voice of "Tobor the 8th Man". Great Quality for the series age,
best we have found -- you'll love em!

NOTE: We do not include the so-called "movie" Journey Into Space as it is nothing but
footage from a few eps edited together.
You get Five DVDs of Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot with great Full Episodes, uncut, not


Dracalon, The Great Sea Monster - Episode 1
Johnny Sokko meets Jerry Mano during an ocean voyage; they are attacked by Dracalon!
An atomic blast brings Guillotine's Giant Robot to life, and it's under Johnny's control!

Nucleon, The Magic Globe - Episode 2
Johnny Sokko  becomes Agent U7 in the Unicorn Agency and Nucleon is sent to destroy the Giant

Gargoyle Vine, A Space Plant - Episode 3
Guillotine enlists the aid of the evil Dr. Botanist who unleashes the terrible Gargoyle Vine.

Monster Ligon-Tyrox, A Strange Monster - Episode 4
Dr. Botanist controls a gigantic beast sent to deplete the World's oil supply.

Dragon, The Ninja Monster - Episode 5
Emperor Guillotine pits two countries against each other using his Ninja Monster.


The Gigantic Claw - Episode 6
A gigantic steel fingered claw is the newest threat that Johnny Sokko and Giant Robot must face!

Scanlon, The Starfish Monster - Episode 7
Unicorn is in great danger when their master decoder falls into Gargoyle hands!

Challenge of the Two Headed Monster - Episode 8
A sleeping horror lives in the mountain hideout of Harlequin, the Gargoyle commander.

Tentaclonn, An Electric Monster - Episode 9
Dr. Botanist kidnaps a whole stadium of 60,000 as hostages!

The Transformed Humans (The Giant Lagorian) - Episode 10
Security Chief Suzuki is acting mighty strange after being held captive by Gargoyle.


The Terrifying Sand Creature - Episode 11
Unicorn base in Antarctica is attacked by an unusual weapon, sand!

Amberon, The Synthetic Monster - Episode 12
Dr. Botanist is captured by Unicorn but Harlequin sends Amberon to help him escape!

Opticon Must be Destroyed - Episode 13
Introducing the gnarly-toothed Gargoyle, Fangor and Opticon the giant eyeball.

The Monstrous Flying Jawbone - Episode 14
When Fangor is captured, the Flying Jawbone is dispatched against Unicorn.

Destroy the Dam - Episode 15
The evil Dr. Botanist gets another chance to destroy Japan with his deadly Gargoyle Vine!


X-7: A Mysterious Enemy Agent - Episode 16
Someone is systematically attacking Unicorn bases Worldwide - will Tokyo Unicorn be next?
Watch for the return of the Claw too!

Captured By The Radion Globe - Episode 17
Fangor unleashes the Radion Globe which captures Giant Robot to serve Gargoyle.

Igganog: The Iceberg Monster - Episode 18
Igganog a ice breathing monster freezes the Giant Robot making him helpless.

Torozon: An Enemy Robot - Episode 19
Giant Robot meets his match in strength when he faces the weaponry of Torozon!

Metron: A Mysterious Spaceman - Episode 20
A creature arrives from space to help the Unicorn agency, but is he really friend or foe?


The Terrifying Space Mummy - Episode 21
Gargoyle commander Space Mummy plans to turn all the people in Tokyo into mummies!

Cleopat: A Renegade Robot - Episode 22
The design of Giant Robot is used to build Cleopat, but the robot falls into Gargoyle hands.

Dr. Engali: Master Of Evil - Episode 23
Summoned from the 4th Dimension of Evil, Dr. Engali schemes to gain control of Giant Robot.

Hydrazona: A Terrifying Bacteria - Episode 24
The Gargoyle Gang has a new deadly weapon that can eat through nearly anything!

Drakulon: Creature Of Doom - Episode 25
Space vampires take over townspeople - blood, blood, I want to drink your Blood!

The Last Of Emperor Guillotine - Episode 26
Well, if we said anything you would know the ending then!
Amazing 3 and Super 6
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Spectreman 15 DVD Set
All Volumes 1 -15

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