Amazing 3 and Super 6
Complete Spectreman on DVD
Sasuke Data Media w/ 26 Exciting Programs

Watch Competitors tackle
these difficult obstacles and
more in up to 4 grueling

1. The Jump Hang
2. Log Grip / Log Roll
3. The Warped Wall
4. The Spider Jump
5. Half Pipe Attack
6. The Salmon Ladder
7. Metal Spin
8. The Spider Climb
9. The Globe Grasp
10. The Cliffhanger
11. Bridge of Blades
12. The Circle Slide
13. Ultimate Cliffhanger
14. The Pipe Slider
15. Devil Steps
and many more!
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Well known in Japan this series titled "Sasuke" (ninja warrior) is not
readily available on DVD outside of Japan.

We are offering the 1st thru 26th competition on digital media containing
DATA FILES ONLY, meaning you will need a PC with a software media
player or a hardware media player connected to a television monitor in
order to play these files.

Video Details:

A / V Quality Very Good! Videos are Standard Definition (not HD) but still
look very satisfactory viewed on a wide screen set! No Commercials only
the action - with English subtitles of the sports narration on the video!

Choice #1 - Four Data DVD set - with all 26 episodes

Choice # 2 - All 26 episodes on a USB stick - bonus extras also!
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Option #1
Four Data DVD set

70 ppd in the US
Option #2
USB Stick

w/ bonus extras

95 ppd in the US