The Anime Archive
Refund Policy
Because of the easily reproducible nature
of the products we offer only replacement of
defective items & only with items of same
value when returned for inspection. We will
replace defective merchandise when you
return it to us within a reasonable period of
time, no more than 20 days. In event that a
customer wishes to cancel their order after
we have shipped the order, we require the
original package to be returned unopened
at customers expense to process the
refund. Restocking fees do not apply to the
return of defective merchandise. We figure
honest folks will be right pleased with the

If you thought to get our stuff to copy  then sell on
eBay - Wrong - you are not authorized to do so
Shipping Policy:
Our primary carrier is the USPS using the First Class Air service
other services are available at the customer’s expense – contact us
for details.
First Class Shipping & handling fees for online payments are tiered
as the following price ranges: All prices are in USD. and applicable
to orders of domestic origin.

0.01 – 22.99     = $2.00 S&H
23.00 – 49.99   = $2.50 S&H
50.00 - 124.99   = $3.00 S&H
125.00 - 174.99 = $5.30 S&H – includes signature confirmation
175.00 – up =      $6.30 S&H  -- includes signature confirmation

Normally your order will be processed and on the way in three business days!
Customer Service...
We are always available to resolve problems that may arise: defective
discs or tapes, lost or delayed shipments are types of problems that
could arise and are most always easily resolved.

DO NOT file a Claim without contacting us first!
If you have any problems, CONTACT US FIRST by email or telephone
and we will resolve the problem with you  -- Paypal policy dictates for
customers to always attempt to resolve problems OUTSIDE their
claims system, but if you do not contact us how can we resolve the

Abuses of the Paypal payment system will not be tolerated, some may
think it's a game, but we do not HAVE to play.

IF we get an inordinate amount of unnecessary Paypal Claims that
are thinly-veiled attempts to get "free" videos we will drop Paypal
payments, and possibly close the Archive and terminate the Service
as well. So please play fair and everyone will be happy!!
                  ABOUT 8Store VIDEOS...
What we Do and What to Expect and not Expect:
Our Service allows visitors to obtain vintage anime materials from our extensive Archive. What you receive is every bit as
good as our Archive material in the format you choose. NO shrink-wrapped Fancy packaging just great rare material at
the best possible quality on sturdy, reliable media that is well protected for its journey to your home.  
8th always has and will be a site for fan reference to be enjoyed. To the best of our knowledge all the video
and audio elements comprising the series or episodes we offer have fallen into the public domain/ unlicensed in the
U.S., or they are special compilations solely owned and copyrighted by us.

We opened our Archive to YOU because of the amount of requests for these rare vintage anime materials. Most of you
are grateful - but some have not fully understood, this page will hopefully clarify the basics.     

We do try to do as professional job as possible, remember you are purchasing mostly 40 year old materials made with
40 year old Technology. If you could get these vintage anime programs at the corner store, we would not be offering
them here. Even Billy Bob's Truck Stop doesn't have what we have and we don't sell those 8-track tape with the funny
labels either.

You purchase with the full-knowledge you are getting episodes every bit as good as what we have in our own collection.
However, If a DVD set has more than four hours of programming on it, then that data is going to be compressed more
than a DVD with 2 hours of data on it, and the result will be a lesser quality, Please observe all the options about what
you are purchasing.
See this DVD Primer for more information.

Well, unless you click the "I Want
Printed DVDs"
button for your Cart
selections if you know what a plain
'ol white or silver DVD looks like you
already have the correct mental image
of what our products look like.

If you see a pic of our lovely Printed
DVD graphics for the next to the item
then optional Inkjet Printed discs are
available for that title. No pic, no Printed
DVD, not yet anyway.

And by the way, ours ARE special
inkjet printable DVDs.

NOT some cheap sticky label that may
come off someday when you least
expect it inside your player
spinning at 5000 rpm!

YOU have the OPTION of Plain Face DVDs or you can
purchase our Deluxe Inkjet Printed DVDs with our very
cool designs by using the Cart Buttons marked "I Want
Printed DVDs"
The choice is yours!

To keep our Shipping charges LOW the way you like it
we DON"T use plastic DVD cases, they usually just get
broken anyway and most of them smell funny and
make the discs stinky too!

Our packaging is Simple and Secure. We didn't think
you were going to sit and watch the thing the DVD
came in anyway and believe us, the DVD itself is much
more enjoyable!!
We hope you enjoy your visit here at our site and check out our home
                            page at
8th Man Dot Com Archive - Clarifying Our Policies and Service.

It has become commonplace in the mainstream video industry to produce program content that
includes an "overlay" of text or logos to identify that content with the producer. For this same reason
our special derivative works have very minimal "branding" to identify them with the our Archive. In our
efforts this consists of periodic appearances of very brief, semi-transparent text that is designed to
blend with the content so as to be hardly noticeable to the viewer. We trust this is professionally
performed so in no way does it detract from the viewer's enjoyment of the program.

Additionally, we hope this practice will encourage those of like mind to produce / distribute rare
collector's videos to perform original research, acquisition and production of their own unique
derivative works as we have labored to do.