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Mickey McGuire & The Scorpions                
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These rare "two-reelers" from the late 20's and early 30's
mark the very beginning of the career of 1940's superstar
Mickey Rooney and also featured everyone's favorite "little
guy" none other than Billy Barty! In these DVDs we have put
together a unique collection to get you acquainted with
these great kid's comedies.

Here are the wild & woolly adventures of Mickey and his
rowdy gang, the Scorpions. You'll meet Mickey's best pal,
Hambone Johnson, his feisty little brother Billy, the powerful
Katrinka & the only girl in the Scorpions club, Tomboy.
And always threatening to ruin their plans is that spoiled
rich-kid, that old Stinkie Davis & his very poor role model
excuse for a father!
Each episode is non-stop fun and you will thrill to some
of the wildest stunts and crazy contraptions and
concoctions involving child actors to ever be seen on the
silver screen.  
Billy may be small but he's one mean caddy!
Mickey McGuire tells it simply "like it was" in the days of the Great
Depression and we don't edit anything out. If you have not seen this
series before, be aware the content could be construed to exhibit ethnic
stereotypes, If you are offended by this do not purchase these DVDs.
Mickey McGuire & The Scorpions
DVD One has these great shorts!
Mickey McGuire & The Scorpions
DVD Two, more great shorts!
Mickey McGuire & The Scorpions
DVD Three, even more great shorts!
Mickey McGuire & The Scorpions
DVD Four, is more of a great thing!
Mickey's Rescue - Because their family is
poor, little Billy is adopted by rich folks but the
gang goes in search of him. Rare cameo
appearance by Hattie McDaniels.

Mickey's Brigade a.k.a Mickey's Explorers To
gain the favor of Mary Ann (and gain use of
her father's boat), Mickey & Stinkie have a
royal joust.

Mickey's Covered Wagon - Mickey's Gang
goes in search of lost gold & wind up in a
haunted house! OOooo Scary!

Mickey's Clean Up - The kids "clean up their
act" but manage to trash Toonerville in the

Bonus Rare Silent short:
Mickey's Northwest Mounted  - See Mickey
& Stinkie Davis try to best one another with
their Rodeo skills, then Hambone has a
head butting contest with a goat!!
Mickey's Medicine Man - Mick & Co.
wreck Uncle Nemo's taxi and open a
Medicine Show to earn money to replace
it. Chaos ensues!

Mickey's Minstrels - See Billy as an
organ grinder's monkey, and Mr. Zilch &
Mr. Hambonus wacky Minstrel show !

Mickey's Ape Man - Mickey, Stinkie Davis
& Billy all want to be "ape men" to win a
contest. Who will win?

Mickey's Charity - The Scorps help to
raise money for the milk fund. Hambone
finds out what milkweed tastes like!

Bonus Rare Silent short:
Mickey In School - Join Mickey in a
typical day of mischief and mayhem at
the old schoolhouse.
Mickey's Warriors - A kid's "stage show"
short where the theme is "Peace is Right" but
it ends in a wild "food fight" complete with a
wacky vegetable launcher!

Mickey's Tent Show - Mickey & Co. put on a
Big Tent Show but Stinkie Davis tries his very
best to ruin the show. Totally hilarious ending!

Mickey's Surprise - Mickey and the gang at
the old schoolhouse will entertain you with an
all kid's variety show!

Mickey's Disguises - Poor Uncle Nemo is
incarcerated as a chicken thief but Mickey the
Detective & Billy find the real culprit!

Bonus Rare Silent short:
Mickey's Eleven - The quintessential kid's
football film of its time! Loads of laughter
--You won't want to miss it.
Mickey's Touchdown - It's Gridiron Greatness
as the Scorps Club goes up against Stinkie
Davis' team. But Stinkie is up to no good and
scheming up trouble as usual.

Mickey's Press - a.k.a  Mickey's Luck
To get a news story at a party at the Davis'
residence Mickey and Hambone dress up as

Mickey's Derby Day - a.k.a Mickey's Race
It's Mick vs. Stinkie Davis in a crazy chariot
race at the Toonerville Track.

Bonus Rare Silent short:
Mickey the Detective - Mickeys detectin' skills
are put to the test when Stinkie & and his pals
hide his "kid brudder" in a crate bound for a
crazy  inventor's house.  Truly Explosive ending
Mickey McGuire DVD Vol. 4
Mickey McGuire DVD Vol. 2
About our Mickey McGuire & The Scorpions DVDs...

They are the only exclusive DVDs compilations of this rare series & only
available at the 8Store.

They are NOT taken from "VHS sources" but from 16mm films that are the
property our film archive. We have added new titles, music, etc. So our
M. McGuire DVDs are
unique derivative works you will only find here at the
8Store! Our M. McGuire DVDs also have episodes you won't find on any
out-of-print VHS videocassettes either. Because we are avid collectors of these
films, now you are able to return in time to these fun & simple days when you
acquire this excellent media!

Every DVD has its own Quality custom motion menu to match the Quality
high-bitrate, low noise transfers of some of the best preserved 16mm motion
picture films of this series still in existence today.  

Most of the sources are Excellent but some films have a fair share of splices, and
runtime wear - and a few are "digests" deliberately shortened by TV stations.
BUT all in all they are ALL very entertaining.
We can't absolutely guarantee that some of these films were
not edited,
sometimes it is difficult to tell. If we are reasonably sure a film transfer was from a
complete & uncut print we have listed it below for your information and

The following films are Complete and Uncut within reasonable standards:

Mickey's Ape Man
Mickey's Covered Wagon
Mickey's Medicine Man
Mickey's Touchdown
Mickey's Rescue
Mickey's Brigade - a.k.a Mickey's Explorers
Mickey's Minstrels
Mickey's Warriors
Mickey's Tent Show
Mickey's Surprise
Mickey's Press - a.k.a  Mickey's Luck?
(conflicting information on the leader, no original opening titles so
we recreated the title as "Mickey's Luck". It is NOT the same
"Mickey's Luck" that can be found on VHS tapes.

The following films are Digests, cut about in half for TV broadcast:

Mickey's Charity
Mickey's Clean Up
Mickey's Derby Day - a.k.a  Mickey's Race
Mickey's Disguises

The Silent films are mostly complete with some minor time reduction cuts
for TV broadcast, very good to excellent condition for their age.
Perhaps too controversial in content for
today's mainstream audiences...?

1930's cinema has been criticized for
containing ethnic or racial stereotypes
or inequities. Mickey McGuire and the
Scorpions DVDs are NOT edited to
remove such content to preserve these
Historic works so they are as complete
as possible. If you are offended by such
content, please refrain from purchasing
this product. Thanks!
Mickey McGuire & The Scorpions                
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