Princess Knight DVD Volume 1:
Excellent to Very Good
Princess Knight
The Contest - rare
The Phantom Ship
The Magic Herb
Three Wishes
Princess Knight DVD Volume 2:
Good - Very Good, 2 Excellent ones
The Swan
The Flying Horse
The Broken Dolls - rare
Silverland Carnival
Princess Knight DVD Volume 3:
Excellent Quality
The Sandman
The Princess and the Beggar
Rose Castle
The Puppet Show
The Greedy Ghost - rare, good quality
Princess Knight DVD Volume 5:
The Queen Icicle Saga
Four great episodes that make up the story of
Princess Knight vs. combined forces of Queen
Icicle of Cooland, the Duke, and old Satan too!
Don't miss this one!
Very good quality
Pt. 1  Queen Icicle
Pt. 2  The Magic Tree
Pt. 3  Iron Lion
Pt. 4  Melted Icicle
Princess Knight DVD Volume 6:
Very Good to Excellent
The Phantom Kite - rare
The Sea Kingdom
The Silver Ship - rare
Egyptian Adventure - rare
Princess Knight DVD Volume 7:
very good - exc
The Posion Dart
The Magic Spell pt. 1
The Magic Spell pt. 2
Stolen Beatuy - rare
Johnny Cypher DVD w/ 15 Great Episodes!
1. The Hidden Peril
2. The Mothmen
3. Race Against Time
4. The Giant Robot
5. No More Dimension Zero
6. The Black Vapor
7. Monster of the Mists
8. The Deadly Beams
9. The Evil Mr. ESP
10. The Dyre Moth
11. The Time Warp
12. The Mysterious Meteorites
13. Zomar The Merciless
14. The Man Duplicator
15. Johnny's Twin
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Amazing 3 and Super 6
Complete Spectreman on DVD
Princess Knight DVD Volume 4:
Very Good Quality
The Magic Mirror
The Magic Pen
The Magic Cookies
The Phantom Knight
About   Princess   Knight...
Adapting Japan’s first shoujo (girls) manga turned anime into a viable animated product suitable for American children’s television must have been difficult to say the least.
Especially given that Osamu Tezuka’s “Ribbon no Kishi” was one of his most socially complex stories. Set in medieval times our small heroine faced such enemies as no less
than the Goddess Venus or Satan himself! Strangely enough PK contained elements of the Judeo-Christian religion, and bits Greek Mythology; quite an unlikely hodgepodge
of angels, ghosts, superstition & magic,

Odd as it may seem, this mixture actually worked in Princess Knight. A cartoon known and loved worldwide, except for the U.S of A. Even stranger, overseas tape releases bear
such statements likening Princess Knight as a "...smash success in America and now available here..."

Truth be told, the series sank without hardly a trace after a brief period on the U.S. airwaves in scattered T.V. markets of little significance.  Oriole Studios, although they had
nothing to do with the dubbing (which was performed in Tokyo) did a fairly thorough job of editing out much of the overtly violent scenes, and a lot of the mildly violent ones as
well (guess they were not taking any chances). But still the dub was hardly a success, it failed rather miserably and was shipped overseas to be received by the
U.K and Australia.
Princess Knight DVD Volume 8:
Exc - Attack of the X Union!
The Rat Man
Spider Island
Battle of Vengence
Mr. X In Babel Tower
(a.k.a. The Fortune Teller)
The rare all English Dubbed version of this Classic!