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DH from Philadelphia was this impressed...

I always question myself when I make a purchase for a set
of shows I already own, but when I received the 8Store  
set my fears were relieved. When I saw how much better
your set is, I knew it was worth spending the money!
Thanks again for another high quality product.
Ken from Singapore told us...

The DVDS arrived safely.  They're terrific!!
I shall be staying up late tonight reliving all my childhood
memories. You have performed and are performing  a
great service to fans/collectors.
I'm really impressed with your friendly, prompt and
professional way of doing things.
I certainly look forward to ordering from you again soon.
Jason was glad to learn of 8Store quality...

The picture quality is stellar on the DVD set. Love It! I can't
tell you how many inferior DVDs I've purchased through
various channels elsewhere only to see hideous
compression and freezing up during playback. I will
definitely be buying more from
Foul Polluters haven't got a chance
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Hello & Welcome!

We will be adding and revising our Trading Post lists right around the corner.

For now if you are looking for a particular Kaiju title or episode please drop us
previously don't be shy -- we Trade with Anyone, Almost anywhere and like our
8Store titles that are available for purchase the trading materials are Top-Notch
collectible quality. BTW...please don't ask us to Trade any titles we have posted
for purchase, OK?
For Trade:

Ultraman Videos:
We have nearly every Ultraman from Ultra Q to the Present
Some Dubbed, Some Subbed, Some Raw Japanese... DVD, mpeg & avi.
We will populate a full list here eventually, all are awesome qualtiy and best
available to collectors of the Ultra series and films!
Examples: Ultra Q, Ultraman, Ultra 7, Ultra 80, Ultraman Jack,
Taro - we have the full series of these and many, many more!

Megloman: The Full series on 13 DVDs, Raw Japanese

21. Break Through The Smoke
22. Surface Destruction
23. My Home Is Earth
24. The Underwater Science

25. The Dreaded Comet
26. The Monster Prince Part 1
27. The Monster Prince Part 2
28. Human Specimen 5,6

29. Challenge To The
30. The Phantom Snow
31. Who Has Arrived?
32. The Endless Counterattack

33. The Forbidden Phrase
34. Present From The Sky
35. The Monster Graveyard
36. Don't Shoot! Arashi!

37. The Small Hero
38. Spaceship Rescue
39. Farewell, Ultraman
Ultraman volumes &
1. Ultra Operation #1
2. Shoot The Invader
3. Charge Forth Science Patrol
4. Five Seconds Before The Big

5. The Secret Of Miroganda
6. Coast Guard Orders
7. The Blue Stone Of Baraj
8. The Monster Lawless Zone

9. Operation "Quick As Lightning"
10. The Mysterious Dinosaur Base
11. Rambunctious One From Space
12. Cry of The Mummy

13. Oil S.O.S.
14. Pearl Oyster Defense Order
15. The Space Ray Of Terror
16. Science Patrol To Space

17. Passport To Infinity
18. Brother From Another Planet
19. Evil Repeated
20. The Dreaded Route 87

This is the show that brought Monsters to the
small screen in Japan. It was never dubbed in
English but is still a must see for all fans of
Vintage Tokusatsu & Kaiju filmwork.
True Japanese homage to unforgettable
television in the genre of the Twilight Zone and
the Outer Limits. See many of the actors in
Ultraman like Capt Mura, Ito, and Fuji and also
monsters such as Kanegon (Pigmon), and Ragon
all in beautiful black & white!
Fun to watch & Highly Recommended!
1. Defeat Gomess!
2. Goroh And Goroh
3. A Present From Space
4. Mammoth Flower
5. Peguila Has Come!
6. Grow! Turtle
7. S.O.S. Mt. Fuji
8. The Terror Of Sweet Honey
9. Baron Spider
10. Underground Super-Express To
The West
11. Balloonga
12. I Saw A Bird
13. Garadama
14. Tokyo Ice Age
15. Kanegon's Cocoon
16. Garamon's Counterattack
17. 1/8 Project
18. The Rainbow Egg
19. Challenge From The Year 2020
20. Underwater Hominid Ragon
21. Space Directive M4774
22. Transformation
23. Rage Of The South Sea
24. The Statue Of Gorga
25. Devil Child
26. Burn On, Glory
27. Flight 206 Disappears
28. Open Up!
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Space Giants!
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