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Shows from the Golden Age of American Television are here!
If your itching to see some of these great shows of the 1950's -
60's - we have em and they are available now!

Also the rare TV tributes to Melody w/ Mark Lester & Tracy Hyde
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This here is our Newest offering of Classic TV!
For years in the 1950's every Saturday night was    
Hometown Jamboree night!
Filmed "live" from El Monte Legion Hall near L. A.
it delighted live audiences and T.V. viewers alike
with a blend of the best in then-current Western
music, and rowdy comical skits often lead by that
wild man from Tennessee himself, Ernie Ford!
Quality is purty good, but remember its real Old!

Now here's watch yore a gonna get on this video
with full featured menus & everythang!
A 'hole 30 minutes o' Hometown Jamboree!
3 museekal shorts o' Tennessee Ernie (backed
by the
Hometown Band)
A Sateeday Matinay featurette o' Molly Bee and
Ernie Ford also with the Hometown Band an'
Herman the Hermit an' Gene O'Quinn.
An' If that Ain't enuff- two Bonus videos, (you'll haveta be
surprised) So jest git it, okay?
A rare glimpse at the hey-day of
1950's live broadcasting in the
infancy of television.
Scans are from photographic sources, not  the video
$29.95 in USA
$35.00 international
Our zotz! dvd has full featured navigational menu and chapters
If you remember having seen this wonderfully
whimsical film, you know what it's all about and
would LOVE to see it again, and again!

But...If you have never seen ZOTZ! or even heard
of it, by all means, check it out. It is a totally unique
film for all ages!  
It's ZOTZ!

 the zotz! movie is not available in stores on VHS or DVD
copright owners we will remove this title immediately at your request
New! ZOTZ! Rare 1962 feature film DVD
$29.95 in USA
zotz! was produced in b/w not color as depicted in the above image
Attention: ALL Fans of the beloved 70's children's movie MELODY
or S.W.A.L.K (Sealed with a Loving Kiss)
We have the Ultra Rare Mark Lester and Tracy Hyde 1994 Reunion Video on DVD!
This is the Japanese program -- WANTED: Tracy Hyde
See the Japanese producers search for the "missing" Tracy in London.  
See Mark and Tracy reunite at her home!
See Mark and Tracy relive the "Apple Scene" and much more!

And that is not all - we also have the
Second Reunion video of
Mark Lester and Tracy Hyde!!!

These videos are almost impossible to find anywhere
(we even supplied Mr. Lester himself with them both as he
was never given copies!)

The Lester & Hyde Reunion DVD is the most precious collectible for All Fans of the unforgettable
1972 "Melody" feature movie
If you "Love" Melody -- Dont miss these awesome videos!!!
(Videos are Japanese and English language mix)
Both reunions on DVD $25.00 ppd. in the USA
or $35.00 Worldwide - (pay with Paypal)  
$29.95 in USA
$35.00 international
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Amazing 3 and Super 6
Complete Spectreman on DVD
Rare film footage of Hometown Band
w/ Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant !
It is Just as Great as You Remember it!
Now You Can Have ZOTZ! on a Durable DVD dis
Bringing Home your Best TV Memories!
Known as “SNOWMAN IN JULY” this cartoon was originally called
THE SNOWMAN  ("Der Schneemann"), and was produced in Nazi
Germany in 1943 by Hans Fischerkoesen.

1950s U.S. cartoon packages like CAPTN’ SAILORBIRD and
BOZO'S STORYBOOK showed this Holiday favorite…
Now you can get here on DVD!

In Full Color from a nicely preserved film - looks great for it's age!
PRICE  $15.95
Click the Snowman's picture to learn more at Kiddie
HomeTown Jamboree
Miss Annie Rooney
Snowman in July
The Melody Reunions
Run Wild, Run Free ......all on this page!
$35.00 international
$15.95 in USA
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