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And amazingly they are Better Quality than their VHS counterparts by using proprietary
hardware with digital noise reduction & powerful time-base error correction - resulting
in a
cleaner, more stable image than previously achieved. (please note details, there
are some poorer episodes)

But thats not all... All our Amazing 3 DVDs now have excellent navigational menus with
special touch of graphic embellishment that is sure to please! Plus we have
and enhanced the original A3 Intro & Credits to excellent image quality, with
all the voice talent listed on the credits too!

Coming Soon - Because we constantly strive to locate the rarest vintage anime watch
for never before available A3 episodes and fresh upgrades too! See Below!

This is the
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Amazing 3 videos you can acquire today!
Spacemen with a Mission, Patrol A3 must make a very big decision...
Will the Earth be spared or destroyed by their Anti-Proton Device?

Explore the Wacky world of the Amazing Three and their adventures with
the boy who befriended them, Kenny Carter and his Secret Agent brother, Randy Carter.

There is never a dull moment as the A3 fight against power-mad dictators, mad scientists, evil
aliens, greedy corporate bigshots, crooked politicians, and the ever-present threat of InterSpy!
Six More Fun A3 Episodes than on our previous DVD
volumes !

Cleaner and More Stable images, old commerical
disruptions removed!

Custom Navigational Menus on all volumes with bkgd
soundtracks & More!

Episode Title & Numbers at the beginning of every

Newly Restored & Enhanced A3 Intro & Credits
sequences with voice talent listed now!

Special Volume for past A3 customers to get the latest
A3 DVD Volume One
5 EPISODES, 4 English

# 01. Outer Space Three (Japanese)
# 04. The Camphor Tree Story
# 05. Floating Fortress
# 06. Zoo On a Skyscraper - poor
# 08. Circus Mystery - fair audio

A3 DVD Volume Two
5 EPISODES, all English

# 09. Sun Don't Set (Haunted House)
# 10. Mummy Factory
# 11. Duel in North Valley
# 12. Mole Plan
# 13. Black Extract

A3 DVD Volume  Three
5 EPISODES, all English

# 18. Burn the Barn - fair quality
# 19. Phoenix Story - fair
# 42. Three Go West - fair
# 43. Sweetheart From Outer Space
# 44. Moving Buddah

A3 DVD Volume  Four
5 EPISODES, all English

# 47. The Mexican Bandits (Killer Tequila)
# 49. Smog Missiles - fair quality
# 50. The Autopictograph
# 51 The Golden Whale - poor
# 52. Doomsday


You said you wanted more Amazing 3 and we
listened! Introducing:
New A3 Prime Directive Edition
Orders from Galactic Control have authorized us
to supply the Earth w/ image media of Patrol A3's
visit to your planet that has been unseen on the
airwaves for over 30 years!
Stand By for further information...

# 06. Zoo On a Skyscraper
# 19. The Phoenix
# 24 The Mysterious Inventor
# 26. The Trans Ocean Tunnel

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The only English-dub sources
for A3 are off-air TV recordings
(KCOP 13 Los Angeles).
We have located most of the
best possible for our DVDs.
Doubtful you will find better
than these, we have done the
searching for you!
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