8thman.com's Anime Archive is an extension of the Web's most comprehensive resource on the 8th
Man series: 8thman.com. We specialize in Vintage Anime and Asian tokusatsu/ kaiju offering the
highest quality English-dub materials to the serious enthusiast. Because we are specialists in the
field and don't offer a wide range of film genres from numerous foreign countries we can concentrate
our efforts to provide the very best obtainable titles and episodes. Look around and doubtless you will
find similar titles in other places like online auctions, etc.  But, most likely, theirs will be crammed on
too few discs, and highly compressed with very little original video signal left in the data. This is fine
for lowering their overhead, but not good for the customer! Preserving the signal quality throughout
the conversion chain, using the proper quantity of discs for the material involved, offering optional
printed graphics on our discs, and keep our shipping prices at rock-bottom is what sets the Anime
Archive apart from the crowd in collector's videos. Since the mid-90's we set out to "raise the bar" on
people's expectations of rare English-dub anime and we believe we have succeeded! Our attitude
has been and always will be a continual "pursuit of excellence" which makes us your # 1 source on
the Web!

8thman.com is owned and maintained by Video Legacy. Content on this site was created by the
webmaster and/or it's partner sites unless otherwise stated or posted. If you wish to use content on
this site for use other than personal use you must obtain permission from the webmaster.

All 8Store video titles are
derivative works of
production materials
created before 1978
or to have originated from
international sources without
current domestic licensing in the

English-dubbed typically means
film/ video productions of
international origin  which were
modified for broadcast in
English-speaking countries by
the addition of new voice and/or
music tracks, possible intro/outro
filmwork or animation,
music/vocal scores and
identifying "bumpers". In cases
when these  "additional works"
have no identifiable ownership
or licensee  we offer to
reproduce them basically with a
fee for our services, equipment
use and materials used such as
blank media.

After thorough research, and no
rights owner or license holder
has been identified for these
English-dubbed properties. We
currently offer this material in
the form of derivative works --
these are episode compilations
arranged by us from various rare
video media and also produced
by us from unique film source
media. Video is  for private
home use only with no rights
given or implied. Titles are not
offered for sale to video stores or
retail outlets of any kind.

Our mission objective is to
provide rare videos to the
discerning collector. Titles are
offered as from one collector to
another for personal purposes

If you are an authorized rights
owner or current licensor of the
English-dubbed version of any
title we offer, we will remove this
title at your request provided that
written legal proof of such
ownership or licensing is
presented to us. However,
frivolous claims and/or
presenting removal requests
backed by expired licenses,
fictitious or falsified
documentation of ownership etc.
will be considered libel on the
part of the requestor and also
attempted disruption of our legal
business operations.

Copyright or license holders,
please advise us of any errors. If
any of our English dub titles
happen to be revived to an
active and available in a
licensed domestic release  we
will immediately stop offering
that title.

You may notice we do not attempt to get you to "register" with us to browse or make purchases.
We respect your right to privacy. At 8thman.com we collect only the information necessary for us to
complete your order or to contact you regarding the status of your order. The information we collect
includes your name, email address, & shipping and/or billing address.

Your personal information will never be sold to any other company. Should you make a purchase or
contact us we may email you concerning updates or new titles on the site. However, at present we do
not maintain a mailing list. Your privacy is important to us.

Through our ISP, 8thman.com does utilize "cookies" to help track internet traffick patterns on our site.
This information is totally anonymous. We may use this information to improve the user-friendliness
and functionality of  the site. Thank You!
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It has become commonplace in the mainstream video industry to produce program content that
includes an "overlay" of text or logos to identify that content with the producer. For this same reason
our special derivative works have very minimal "branding" to identify them with the our Archive. In our
efforts this consists of periodic appearances of very brief, semi-transparent text that is designed to
blend with the content so as to be hardly noticeable to the viewer. We trust this is professionally
performed so in no way does it detract from the viewer's enjoyment of the program.

Additionally, we hope this practice will encourage those of like mind to produce / distribute rare
collector's videos to perform original research, acquisition and production of their own unique
derivative works as we have labored to do.

By purchasing 8Store items you, the Purchaser Agree Not to make any digital copy or electronic
or magnetic facsimile for the purpose to resell such copies at any time in cyberspace or any
wholesale or retail outlet. Furthermore,  you also Agree Not to ever upload the data to any server
in order to share the data on any P2P or file sharing network.
Purchaser is responsible to agree to and to abide by these terms.

We understand this message is only for a small handful of those who may read it but we want our
position to be perfectly clear. If these terms dismay you, then it is you we are probably trying to reach
so do us both a favor and go elsewhere before you spoil things for everybody!

If you came here because you want to use our work to start an “eBay store” or get feel-good
comments about how wonderful and generous you are at a P2P site please go without buying
anything and do us both a favor, we do not need that kind of "business".
See the expanded version of this message concerning Derivative Works.