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It's Film-Nite again! Those old-time Church Films you can't resist!
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The advent of consumer videotape products heralded the end of a decades-old industry: Religious film production and the related industry involving their distrubution. Large distributorships such as "Century Gospel Films" and others were responsible to see that literally hundreds of Churches recieved their weekly or monthly films in the mail to show to eager congregations. By and large those days are gone...but you can still re-live the experience because we have the films!

FROM original 16mm film prints:

This is the ultimate quality video available made directly from the prints in our facility. They are complete from head to tail. Everyone agrees: We take painstaking care to see that you get only the Very Best!

SECTION B: Christian/Inspirational films: All titles are considered to be public domain or unlicensed. If you are a current rights owner or license holder of any of the below titles we will remove them upon your request.

Feature Length Films

These Religious feature films were produced for the youth ministry/ Church film rental market. I have chosen my own favorite films to put on video and believe me you will enjoy these immensely! Produced mostly in the 1970s-1980’s – Great Stuff!

All BF series Features on DVD or VHS are priced at 39.95 each
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BF-01) The Prize – Excellent Color
Chuck Woolery (Dating Game, Wheel of Fortune) stars in this exciting film about "hot-dog" skiing and the people who do it, and the internal struggle of competitive sports. Absolutely breath-taking footage of all types of skiing stunts!



BF-02) The Devils Coach – In Color (fading)
Lots of baseball footage in this one! Coach’s heavy-handed and insensitive style alienates him from his team and his family.



BF-03) Sound of the Trumpet – In Color (warm)
This film is my personal fav... Terrific ‘70’s retro visuals & music! When a national news-anchorman does a "tongue-in-cheek" piece on a Christian rock group (Love Story) he gets way more than he bargains for. Great footage of Israel, songs include Larry Norman, Love Story, and more!



BF-04) High Point - Excellent Color
Another time trip back to the late 70’s! Tennis hopeful must score that scholarship but to get it he needs a passing grade. His basketball star friend though is in worse trouble with drugs and alcohol. Will his Term paper succeed or fail ? It depends.. you'll have to see to find out!



BF-05) On The Edge - Excellent Color
College guy makes wager with beer-swilling roommate that he can prove God exists and enlists the aid of his friends on a remote mountain hiking trip. Shot in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains! Great film!



BF-06) Never Too Young – Excellent Color
Three kids befriend a terminally ill man, but little do they know he has an inheritance and a responsibility for them beyond their wildest dreams...their very own Broadcast television station! Can the deceased man's sneaky nephew cheat the kids out the T.V. station, or is there another heir that can claim it? Very cool flick!



BF-07) Heavenly Deception - In Color
Film about the heartbreak and triumph of a family affected by the machinations of the cult group headed by Sun Myung Moon, the Unification Church (Moonies). Good food for thought - could this happen to someone YOU know? Know the key warning signs by watching this great film!



Short Subjects: 25-50 minutes long

All BSS series short subjects on DVD are priced at $24.95 each plus shipping
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BSS-01) Don’t Blame Me! – In B/W
When an unexpected "investigation" pries into John Smith’s lifestyle, it gets him pretty worried about his Eternal soul – Introduced by Walter Brennan

BSS-02) The Other Wise Man – Color is slightly faded
When the 4th wise man misses the caravan, will he ever see the Christ? Very touching film with great ending!

BSS-03) Faith of Yuan Tau – In B/W
Set in Vietnam during the takeover of the Viet Cong - suspenseful, and nicely done!

BSS-04) Sports Capers – Excellent Color
Wild and wooly footage of hard-hitting sports highlights with testimony of Christian athletes at the ending, excellent visuals!

BSS-05) Cult Explosion – Excellent Color
Explore the depths of some strange cults (Jonestown) with the people that have been there!!

BSS-06) Believing for the Best – Excellent Color
80's Christian teen self-esteem program done in humorous manner – cameo with Stormie Omartian

BSS-07) The Shroud of Turin – Excellent Color
Awesome film on the mysterious "Shroud of Turin". Is it really the burial cloth of Jesus Christ? Find out all the facts about this fascinsating subject from the experts who have studied the Shroud themselves!

The Living Christ Series by Cathedral Films

Perhaps part of quality of the legendary Cathedral Films productions was due to the fact that they utilized the Disney Motion Picture Studios in Hollywood CA, or refused to limit cast to only "Christian" performers and thus able to draw on the immense amount of talent available in Hollywood at the time. A combination of tight adherence to Scripture and intuitive, historically correct writing with creative costumes and backgrounds make these films all-time winners on the screen. Entertaining and Educational, ideal for family viewing, many of these great films have never before been available on video.

Watch carefully you just might spot a "celebrity" somewhere in these...

The BLC-01 thru BLC-9 & BP series films on DVD are priced at $19.95 for the first title
add a second title for 14.95 and 3 or more for 9.99 each.
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The Living Christ Series –In B/W

BLC-01) Holy Night
BLC-02)Escape Into Egypt
BLC-03) Boyhood & Baptism
BLC-04)Men of the Wilderness
BLC-05) Discipleship
BLC-07) Retreat & Decision
BLC-08)Triumph & Defeat
BLC-09) Resurrection & Ascension

BLC-10) I Beheld His Glory – A two part sequel to the Living Christ Series featuring the testimony of one of the Roman Soldiers who was at the foot of Jesus’ Cross - both films on one DVD for $24.95

St Paul Series – by Cathedral Films

A chronicle of the ministry of St Paul the Apostle – this Series is Excellent!

St. Paul available Now on DVD
Two films on each DVD -- In Two Volumes!
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St. Paul Series DVD Vol. 1 - $27.95
Ambassadors for Christ – with DeForest Kelly in a supporting role!
Return to Jerusalem

St. Paul Series DVD Vol. 2 - $27.95
Trial at Jerusalem
The Voyage to Rome

St. Paul Series DVD - both Volumes 1 & 2
$58.00 Postage paid worldwide