8thman.com Credits

We appreciate the compliments, but credit must go to who credit is due.
Forutunately, a lot of fine fans of Old School Anime are dedicated to keeping these great animated productions alive in people's hearts & minds and also work diligently to try and uncover some of mysteries surrounding the actual dubbing and film production.
We would like to give these Champions of Vintage Anime credit on this page.
Glen Johnson - Animation collector & Webmaster of "60's Anime"

Andrew Paul Shepherd - For excellent Production & Voice-talent research!

Ted Valis - For providing many seemingly "lost" parts of the Episode Guide just recently added!
Ted really knows his stuff!

Mr. August Ragone of Henshin! Online who has very excellent knowledge of the Japanese language, Anime, and Japanese Sci-Fi in general. Visit his website!

Roberto Nogueira - 8 Homem Helped track down those Japanese episodes, thanks friend!

Mr. ???? My Japanese friend, (he is shy) for Majin Kozma and invaluable info on the original Japanese: 8Man TV series.

Rob Craig - for his fantastic THE WONDER WORLD OF K. GORDON MURRAY
and further insight into the Copri voice-talent.

My Wife - for letting me tie-up our ONE phone line for hours on end...
(yes, this was all done via "dial-up")